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World Internet Usage And Population Statistics

By Eva Barnes , May 29 2017
internet usage

Featured Image: iStock/ra2studio

Every few decades, the people get a new addiction, whether it’s crack, fast food or technology. The current addiction that has the world’s population enslaved is the internet or the World Wide Web (One is relatively useless without the other so we’ll take this as one).

However, instead of curing ourselves of this addiction, we are letting it spread far and wide. It is up for debate whether this addiction is actually ‘that harmful’ or not, but we do know for sure that it has affected our attention span greatly. Just see below!

The Deplorable Attention Span of Humans Today

Illustration: Freepik

The internet (and we say this term loosely here) has its positives too… It enables businesses to save money by opting for social media instead of traditional marketing and allows them to reach a wider audience.

Nonetheless, it’s best that we move on from the advantages and disadvantages of the internet to other important things…

Below is an infographic that presents facts proving the existence of our internet addiction; we’re sure that web designers and developers would especially enjoy reading the presented facts.

World Internet Usage And Population Statistics

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