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18 Noteworthy Website Designs In The Food Business: The Good And The Bad!

By Eva Barnes , Jan 19 2017
website designs in food

Featured Image: iStock/dolgachov

The practice of buying and using cookbooks might be on the verge of extinction, but our love for food and cooking is very much intact, in fact thriving each day. The only difference is that we have started to lean more towards websites and blogs that fuel our passion for food and display delectable food web photography; which it is bound to get your mouth watering and give you hunger pangs.

Food Business

Hanging on to the belief that there is always room for improvement, we cast a critical eye on some crowned jewels of the food industry. In all popular sites, we found some good and some bad, though the degrees of each might vary. The good we shall embrace, and the bad we hope is fixed.

Keep a look out, some of your favorites might be on the list…

• Cooking and Recipes

1. Allrecipes

Image Source

Good: The food photography displayed on the page looks so appetizing that it can easily hook users and make them check out some of the content. Also, the dull greyish white background works perfectly for the site, making the images pop out.

Bad: The size of the images on the screen are so large that they draws notice away from the navigation

2. Food

Image Source

Good: The site has a simple guise and sufficient eye-candy, so it doesn’t intimidate the users, nor distract them.

Bad: Aside from the main menu, all other menus are scattered across the page. Furthermore, the site takes longer to load.

3. Yummly

Image Source

Good: Exquisite appearance instantly arrests user; it is undoubtedly one of the best looking sites we have seen.

Bad: Have to search more as there are very few subcategories.

• Restaurants And Chefs

4. Momofuku Group

Image Source

Good: Excellent readability; the text can easily be seen and read in a quick glance.

Bad: Too little text displayed in most places. Unless you click away on one link which opens another page, which opens something else or if you’re rather lucky then ‘more info’. Still you might come out dry in some instances where there is no description.

5. Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay
Image Source

Good: User-friendly website, can find anything and everything with a few clicks. Isn’t in the least bit confusing.

Bad: Low readability of text; the font doesn’t go well with the plain white background.

6. Emeril Lagasse (Emerils)

Image Source

Good: Easy access to information. The navigation used is excellent, not too much, nor too little. It is simple so finding what you’re looking for won’t be such a chore.

Bad: Display is too white. Also, the sticky bottom menu displaying social media buttons is annoying, especially when you have to adjust the display to try and accommodate the full recipe or as much as possible on the screen.

• Online Food Ordering And Reservations

7. Yelp EAT24

Image Source

Good: The site has a neat display, every option can be seen clearly despite the red and dark grey box each option is in, the colors of which clash together horribly.

Bad: Need to put a lot of effort in navigating and processing order.

8. OpenTable

Image Source

Good: The filters on the site cover every aspect you might consider while booking a restaurant whether it is for a date or a lunch meeting. They help you narrow down exactly the kind of place you are looking for.

Bad: Too many choices so have to go through and use many filters to narrow them all down.

9. Blue Apron

Blue Apron
Image Source

Good: Featuring a minimalistic design, the site showcases all the content beautifully and clearly, leaving the user with no doubts. The site is very easy to use and takes very little time to load.

Bad: The main menu should have exhibited more subcategories and links so the users wouldn’t require visiting different pages, instead it would save more time.

10. HelloFresh

Image Source

Good: The outlook of the site is pretty good. A person looking at the site for the first time would be mesmerized with its aesthetics and professional appearance, until they try to explore it.

Bad: The entire site is pretty confusing; the navigation and headlines should be more targeted, and the content is scarce and makes little sense. Even after viewing the entire site, you’ll have doubts about what the site actually offers, the only thing you’re actually sure of is that it’s a delivery site. Until and unless a user reads each and every description on every page, they can’t be sure of what they are purchasing.

• Food Channels And Brands

11. Food Network

Food Network
Image Source

Good: The videos section is a sight to behold, the slider on the top of the page, definitely takes the cake. The whole sight has excellent photography and good video quality but the video slider just hauls you in.

Bad: The categories, especially the recipes section, is obscure; it requires more filters to narrow down the kind of thing a user is looking for. Also, all the content packed in the center, as well as the chunky font used in inscribing the main categories, gives the site a beefy look, no pun intended.

12. Kraft Foods

Image Source

Good: It is a simple yet complete site with suitable navigation which doesn’t burn much of the users’ energy.

Bad: Despite having sufficient pictures and text, the display appears to be fairly empty.

• Food Blogs

13. Naturally Ella

Naturally Ella
Image Source

Good: The site is extremely user-friendly, very easy to navigate. Plus, the food photography displayed on it is a class art, it makes even the healthiest food appear more appetizing than a Big Mac combo.

Bad: Despite the bewitching front of the site, which overshadows everything else, we can’t help but sigh over all the navigation the site has to offer. There are so many options on each page that you have to make use of at least some of them.

14. Sprouted Kitchen

Sprouted Kitchen
Image Source

Good: Finding recipes on the site is pretty easy so it doesn’t burn out much of your grey matter.

Bad: The text is very hard to read and the images on the site are pretty scarce.

15. Budget Bytes

Budget Bytes
Image Source

Good: Vivid, clear and sizable images that not only bring out the colors of each ingredient but even display the seasonings. If this isn’t the perfect bait for a foodie then we don’t know what is.

Bad: The main page looks requires too much scrolling and the image displays there are humongous.

16. The Pastry Department

The Pastry Department
Image Source

Good: Less content is showcased so it is easier to read, giving the site an immaculate look.

Bad: Confusing navigation; there is no clear indication on how to enter the site from the main page, and the headings on the menu signify very little to what actually is present in those categories. The site looks like a failed attempt at a minimalistic design; to make the site neat, the content displayed on it is kept too sparse, making it look fairly empty.

• Rapidly Gaining Popularity

17. Tastemade

Image Source

Good: It’s aesthetically pleasing, has good navigation and the best part is that the photography on it is bang on.

Bad: The layout as well as the innumerable images and recipes exhibited on the site sometimes confuses users.

18. Tasty

Image Source

Good: Recipes exhibited in the form of short videos that make them all the more appealing and easy to understand.

Bad: The blog requires an individual site (currently a part of the Buzzfeed website) and a more thorough navigation.

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