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How To Make Your Web Forms User-Friendly

By Eva Barnes , Apr 17 2017

While, we as amateurs or small business owners, might not place much importance on the design or presence of web forms. It is the scalding truth, that web forms have their own unique function, which can play an important role in your business strategy, if implemented properly.

Web forms are like double-edged swords; while on one end they can easily drive away traffic, increasing your site’s bounce rate. On the other, they can generate lots of new leads for your business, improving your conversion rate.

Web forms are essential tools, especially for ecommerce stores. They can help you identify current and possible customers, whom you can then target, to boost your sales.

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However, very little is known about what and how these web forms should be designed, to achieve utmost efficiency. Therefore, the result we see is in the form of, either boring traditional forms present on most site, or long hectic rows of fields you need to fill. At the end of which, customers either want to pull their hair out, or refrain from providing correct information, if they decide to give any.

So save yourself from false leads, retain more customers and decrease your bounce rate, by creating proper web-forms, as shown below.

User Friendly Web Form Design

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