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How To Use Web Design Elements To Boost Holiday Sales

By Eva Barnes , Nov 16 2016
Boost Holiday Sales

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Is your website looking a bit drab compared to all those decked-out big-brand websites?

Use some Christmas Magic and enjoy a sales boost this winter!

Business owners can spread the joy this festive season through a web design overhaul. In keeping with the season’s spirit of giving, we came up with tried and tested holiday web design tweaks. These easy to implement ideas will make your sales figures soar higher than Rudolph!

Why Bother With Holiday Redesign?

Some of you might by thinking that tweaking the web design is tough. It is time-consuming. Whether redesigning is worth all the trouble? How it helps website owners? What if it back-fires? Here are a few reasons that will convince you.

Website Redesign For Holiday

Small businesses and ecommerce websites can take advantage of this huge surge in consumer spending during the holidays by leveraging web design elements. Tap into the sentiments of the season by following these handy tips and even the advocates of Buy Nothing Christmas might change their minds!

Big brands get the holiday marketing ball rolling pretty early on during the season. Here is what the Disney Store website looked like last month:

Disney Store
Image Source:

Yup, that’s right, Stormtroopers! Could it get any more un-Christmasy?

However, this month the website travels a galaxy afar in terms of theme and appearance. Check out the warm, fuzzy and Christmas-y version.

Disney magic
Image Source

That’s better! The Disney magic is back to cheer up holiday shoppers.

9 Holiday Web Design Tips For SMBs

Let’s learn how you can work a little holiday magic of your own.

1. Take Advantage Of Color Contrast

Nordstrom uses fall colors and a minimalist white background to promote their sale. The clever use of contrast draws the buyer’s eye towards the main message.

Image Source

2. Use Holiday-Themed Product Photos

Holiday colors aren’t just for your website design. Product photos are featured prominently on websites. Give the product photos a splash of red, green, gold, and white as well. Here is an excellent example from Marks & Spencer’s Christmas Shop.

Product Photos
Image Source

Customized photos might be a bit time consuming and expensive for some businesses. An alternative method is to try incorporating holiday themed elements and frames. Check out the Holiday Gift guide from Macy’s.

Holiday Gift
Image Source

3. Bring A Touch Of Whimsy And Fun

The holiday season starts with fall and ends with New Year’s Eve, there are tons of thematic elements to play with.

Holiday Season
Image Source

Set the holiday mood by using humor and whimsy, use popular memes and pop culture references to set yourself apart from the regular lineup of websites.

4. Give Your Logo A Festive Flair

Dress up your logo and get your brand into the holiday spirit. You don’t need a dramatic change, even adding a sparkly snowflake or a small mistletoe branch will create impact. This small change will communicate to customers that your brand will be offering special holiday promotions, discounts, etc. Play with holiday imagery and give a touch of the whimsical to your regular logo. Top brands traditionally alter their logos; the Google Doodle is the most significant example that comes to mind. Check out past Doodles for inspiration.

Give Your Logo A Festive Flair
Image Source

5. Add A Welcome Video/Message To The Homepage

A short video (no longer than 10 seconds) with a personal message from the business owner can help you connect with new customers.

Welcome Video Message
Image Source

It shows the customer you care and made effort to send them the season’s greetings. You can even show off your office decorations and provide a behind-the-scenes look at your company.

6. Offer Gift Cards And Discount Coupons

Customers expect special gifts and promotional offer during holidays. Style you offers as virtual gift cards with holiday motifs and colors. Display the offers on the most popular pages of your website to reach maximum people.

7. Spread A Blanket Of Snowy Whitespace

Holidays are a good time to sharpen that web layout. Get rid of unnecessary elements and bring your CTAs in sharp focus. Make sure your special holiday offers are featured prominently on the website pages.

special holiday offers
Image Source

8. Go 50 Shades Of Red, Green And Gold

Change the color scheme of your website (or some prominent design elements, such as header background, sidebars, etc.) to create a stunning effect. You can never go wrong with the traditional holiday colors such as red and green. Here is a quick tip, grab your favorite holiday themed image, and use a color palette extractor such as TinEye to find the perfect holiday color combo. We chose this fun Christmas ornaments image and got a warm gold color palette with red accents.

Find Out More Exciting Colors Here!

9. Get Crafty With Website Fonts

Fonts are powerful at conveying emotions and moods. Use special fonts for promotional graphics, CTA, and other graphical elements. Here are a few fonts that will add a sparkle to your website.

Website Fonts

Website Fonts

You can find more holiday-themed fonts at Dafont and Font Squirrel.

Happy Holiday Season!

Hope these design tips inspired your creativity and put you into a holiday mood. These little changes snowball into a flurry of sales because it shows that you are willing to go the extra mile during this special season. Have fun and Happy Holidays!

Did you make any changes to your website or came across some amazing examples? Leave a link in the comments and show off your handiwork! Feel free to let us know what you thought about these website makeover ideas.

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