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[INFOGRAPHIC] Web Design Tips For Small Businesses

By Eva Barnes , Jun 30 2016
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“I own a tiny business. Why should I build a website for it?”

“A website looks like work. Will it be worth it?”

“Why bother when my customers might not even stay long enough.”

I’ve heard the same excuses millions of times. But the truth is, it is important now more than ever before for small businesses to have their own presence online. But the questions raised here are valid nonetheless. Small businesses should have websites of their own, it is true; but these websites should also be designed well. At least, well enough to make a profit for the businesses they represent.


How your website is laid out, the typography and colors you use can make the difference between a successful and failed website. Success can mean high conversion rates and more profits for your business. A failed design might frustrate users enough to take their business elsewhere and cost you sales.

Branding is only part of the design process. If you want people to stay on your website longer, you need to know what makes it appealing to visitors.

What does Material Design have to do with good web design? How can small businesses use negative space to create engaging websites? Let’s find out.

Web Design Tips for Small Business

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Eva is a marketing major with a keen interest in web design. She is also an explorer and loves to dig into web trends from mobile apps to visual communication and everything in between. Feel free to send her your web design queries or blog related feedback in the comments below.

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