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Utterweb Themes For Effective Web Design: Everything You Need To Know!

By Eva Barnes , Feb 22 2017

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What to do and what not to do? What to add and what to skip? What information or advice to implement and where to turn a deaf ear? Being a rookie web designer you’ll have to answer all these questions and more. The hardest part about making your first site is not knowing where to and how to get started. In this article, we’ll explore all that you need to know about the first step of web design – choosing a theme for your website.

What To Consider When Choosing A Web Theme:

The theme of a site is a significant influencer on a site’s usability and user experience, which in turn, affects the site’s bounce rate and conversion rate. Basically, it has the power to make or break the future of a site. So before choosing the theme for your site, keep the following facts in mind.

1. Make A Killer First Impression

The theme is the first thing a visitor notices, and if that isn’t appealing or lacks proper navigation, then the user instantly loses interest in the site. Such is the power of a first impression.

First opinion

2. Make Your Content Presentable

Visitors are likely to form snap judgments on the content, instead of going through every little detail, to decide if they’ll stay on it or not. Make sure that your content is well structure and isn’t only in the form of written matter, but also attractive graphics (images, info graphics, short videos, slides, etc.).

Beautiful vs. Plain

3. Make Aesthetics The Key

Special care should be taken when determining the color palette used on the site, along with the web photography displayed or any other form of graphical content, or even when designing the site’s GUI. No one likes to look at or use something ugly, so if your site looks good, then chances are that it’ll get more traffic and have lesser abandonment. The rule is simple – better the appearance, better the response.

Unattractive content

Why Use UtterWeb Themes:

The reason why you should choose themes from UtterWeb for your site, instead of getting them designed is simple; why would pay a designer when you can make a professional looking site yourself.

It’s a cheaper alternative, which allows you to get exactly what you want. Designers might not be able to deliver exactly what you’re looking for in the first try, which would be frustrating. You on the other hand, know exactly what you have in mind, so selecting those features would be simple for you.  Moreover, these are not the only advantages, you’ll find more below.

  • UtterWeb saves your energy and time — Time-constrained consumers, especially Millennials, prefer beautifully designed sites and that is exactly what UtterWeb offers. You on your part just have to put base effort.
  • UtterWeb gives you lots of unique choices — UtterWeb has a wide array of themes you can choose from depending on the kind of website you are creating. The best part is that, the options are unlimited and are not too common, since new designs are constantly being added to the gallery.

choosing themes

  • UtterWeb makes short-listing easier — However, shortlisting through all these designs, is surprisingly not a hassle. UtterWeb gives you the option of choosing themes by industry or randomly. Each industry has their own website requirements; magazines for example, need sites with more space for content, heightened readability and lots of navigation.

space for content

  • UtterWeb lets you be creative — At times, you don’t like the template you currently have, so you can easily switch the theme. Or you can add components from another template by purchasing that theme too. You can customize your theme and layout to your heart’s content with UtterWeb’s tools. Just be sure to make smart choices, because at the end of the day you want a site that compels visitors to convert or to at least revisit.

site responsive

  • UtterWeb encourages site responsiveness — Another very important aspect that UtterWeb covers, is allowing the designer to check the site’s responsiveness. You can view your site on three different modes before finalizing the theme. Users are usually put off if a site isn’t optimized for their device and thus are likely to abandon the site. But if you’re using UtterWeb then this won’t be a problem, whether your customers visit your site through their desktop, mobile or iPad.

Mobile Friendly Website

How Your Site Will Be:

The result will be exactly what you would have envisioned, if not better. You have to be sure to be clear about your idea and what you want. As for the rest, UtterWeb will be at your support on every step of the way. After all, we wouldn’t want you to have a website so ugly that people run away screaming.

If you have any queries, then contact us or check out the FAQs page.

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