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The Typography Web Trends Of 2017

By Eva Barnes , Feb 3 2017
Typography Web Trends 2017

The first thing that you see when you look at something, is generally the thing that draws you in. If that thing is unattractive or unappealing, then you most probably won’t explore or pursue it. It is sad but we humans are visual beings. 

Did you know that it takes a user just 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about your site? If they have a positive impression of the site, then they will stay on, otherwise abandon it.

What is the first thing you see when you visit a website? The typography is what likely leaves the first impression. Typography is the tool that not only adds character to the site, but also gives your words a personality. It can bestow your content with a voice; add emotion and conviction, subliminally reinforcing those words. Readable typography enables the users to better grasp the information and comprehend your message. It is a very powerful tool, if used correctly.

2017 has brought with it a new set of typographic web trends which could change the face of your site as you know it. Check them out!

Background Image: iStock/CurvaBezier

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Eva is a marketing major with a keen interest in web design. She is also an explorer and loves to dig into web trends from mobile apps to visual communication and everything in between. Feel free to send her your web design queries or blog related feedback in the comments below.

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