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21 Tips To Optimize Conversion Through Effective Checkout Pages!

By Eva Barnes , Apr 4 2017
Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

When it comes to improving your conversion rate, you can leave no stone unturned. You need to check, and if necessary, tweak each and every page on your website. Whether it requires you to make changes, for a high converting landing page, or in this case, using certain tips to improve your checkout page.

Our 21 tips, all aim at improving the site’s usability, content and design, so it can achieve conversion rate optimization.

Your site’s checkout page should to be extremely user-friendly, so your customers need to put minimal effort. If a customer sees rows and rows of fields that need to be filled, has to navigate through the page, or select many different options, to process the transaction; chances are, your customer will run! Make your checkout page as easy-to-use, effortless, and non-exhausting, as possible!

A critical aspect of a checkout page, is the content present on it. You need to be extra careful about what to add and what to take down. Too much, or too little content, both are disastrous! Remove all extra information from your page; but be sure to add content that attracts customers like discounts, free shipping signs, and security seals.

Also, be sure to provide customers with a proper user experience, by creating a user-friendly and efficiently designed site. Design a responsive site, with good navigation, and sufficient assistance where required (FAQs, Shipping details, Live Chat, etc.).

Without further ado, let’s explore the 21 tips which will cover all your bases, and assist you in creating the ultimate checkout page.

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