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The Salary Of Web Designers Around The World

By Eva Barnes , Sep 11 2017
salary of web designers around world

Is it a good choice to take up web designing as a career?

How much should you say your expected salary is in an interview?

Are you underpaid?

Should you move abroad in search of a better career opportunity?

How much should you pay your web design employees?

Are low wages the reason for your company’s massive employee turnover?

Many students, entry-level designers, experienced professionals, and even business owners and HR personnel are plagued with such questions. And it is in times like these that we value most the creation of websites like Glassdoor and PayScale. Many of our worries can be subsided if we just find out the average salaries in the market.

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Therefore, taking the numbers off PayScale, we’ve created an infographic to help web designers and employers, find out the average annual salaries, around the world. Our list consists of base salaries (not inclusive of profit sharing, bonuses, etc.) in 10 countries, as of 2017; for example, the average salary of web designers in Singapore is S$30,482, while the salary range is from S$17,879 to S$58,744.

Initially, we decided to do a roundup of salaries for web designers across major cities of the world, but that would have become too lengthy so we went with this instead. Thus, if you want to find out the average salary particularly for your company, city, or depending on you experience, then you’ll have to do some digging of your own. Or you can leave the name of the country you’re living in, along with your profession, in the comments section below, and if someday we’re feeling overly generous, then we’ll research it for you.

Salary of Web Designers

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Is your salary matching the average salary web designers are getting in your country? If not, you can always work on your skills, switch jobs or add to your qualifications; take up a few MOOCS related to web design, to help you climb the ladder of success.

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