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6 Common Problems Faced During The UX Design Process

By Eva Barnes , Jan 11 2018
6 Common UX Design Problems

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It takes a ton of hard work, planning and time to create an excellent website with a transcended UX. However, despite all your hours of hard labor there is no guarantee that the website will turn out fine. Even the smallest error can spoil the whole thing, so be prepared for additional costs and unprecedented delays coming up during the design process of your website.

In such a scenario many people would say “expect the unexpected”, however this advice isn’t of much use. Though there is one thing we can do to help you; but it is a secret so…

What if we tell you that we can predict what problems you will face during the UX design process? We can’t foresee the future (…or can we? Muahahaha)

Well we can’t foresee the future so we aren’t sure which problems you will face, but we can make a conjecture based on the issues people usually encounter. Here is the list:

  1. Uncertain Feasibility
  2. Obscure Journey
  3. Arduous Wireframing
  4. Limiting Wireframing Softwares
  5. Team Communication
  6. Volatile Predictions

We did some further digging and came up with the root of these issues and also their possible solutions.

You must be wondering why we are telling you this; how this is relevant to you. Like we mentioned earlier that most people encounter these issues, so our reasoning is that you could be one of those people.

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You can’t prepare for the unexpected but you can be ready, or even avoid these problems. Be smart! Have a look…

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Jot these down somewhere and do a little research of you own if needed, so you can charge into the UX design process with guns blazing. Btw…

What problem(s) did you encounter in your last UX design process?

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