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colors to impact web

50 Shades Of Perception: Leveraging Colors To Impact Your Web Conversion Rate

Featured Image: iStock/TommL Do you feel a sense of calmness and tranquility washing over you when you are surrounded by blue skies and sprawling green fields? Or perhaps a stir of alarm when staring at a red sign? Color has been known to exercise a potent ...
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Website Design
By Eva Barnes , Aug 2 2016
Wireframes Prototypes Mockups

The Value And Limitations Of Wireframes, Prototypes, And Mockups

Every custom-built website or app goes through several different stages before it can take on a final form for public release. These steps are a carefully structured process of planning, testing, coding, and more. The topics addressed in this post—wireframes, prototypes, and mockups—are part of ...
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Website Design
By Eva Barnes , Jul 28 2016

[INFOGRAPHIC] How To Choose Colors For Your Website?

Do you have a brown or orange website? It’s probably driving users away. Did you breathe a sigh of relief because you’ve chosen purple? Bad news; this means your male visitors hate your website but women probably like it. If you’re confused, then don’t worry you’re ...
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By Eva Barnes , Jul 25 2016
UX Web Design Elements

7 Influential UX Web Design Elements – The Do’s And Don’ts

Featured Image Source: “Design for the user” “Advocate for the user” “Put yourself in the user’s shoes” You have probably hear all this web design advice repeated time and again. These pithy but vague statements sound good but often frustrate web designers. Web design is about specific rules which ...
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Slide Deck
By Eva Barnes , Jul 20 2016
Perfect Product Pages

Perfect Product Pages: Turning Visitors To Customers!

Featured Image: iStock/milindri In the world of ecommerce first impressions are everything. Many online store owners will spend a lot of tome perfecting their homepages and product category pages but forget about product page design. A great product page can make the difference between a visitor ...
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Website Design
By Eva Barnes , Jul 15 2016

8 Hottest Web Design Trends that Are Here To Stay!

Featured Image: iStock/pulsar75 Web design trends change faster than a girl changes clothes (quoting Katy Perry!). The burgeoning trends are sometimes introduced due to the shifting industry trends, such as the great move from skeuomorphism to flat design, while some are driven by necessity, such as ...
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Website Design
By Eva Barnes , Jul 11 2016
Responsive Website

9 Things To Remember When Designing A Responsive Website

Featured Image: thinkstock/scyther5 One design to rule them all. One design to find them, One design to bring them all and in the compiler bind them Just a few years back, designers were always sure of the dimensions of work they were commissioned to do, be it a ...
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Website Design
By Eva Barnes , Jul 5 2016
web design tips

[INFOGRAPHIC] Web Design Tips For Small Businesses

“I own a tiny business. Why should I build a website for it?” “A website looks like work. Will it be worth it?” “Why bother when my customers might not even stay long enough.” I’ve heard the same excuses millions of times. But the truth is, it ...
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By Eva Barnes , Jun 30 2016

Designing 404 Pages- Making Error Pages Fab, Not Drab!

Featured Image: iStock/sumkinn For years, 404 error pages have had a bad reputation with the online community. Not only do they irritate people seeking pages filled with information they need, but they also tend to ruin site rankings due to increased bounce rates. While 404 pages ...
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Website Design
By Eva Barnes , Jun 27 2016
hello Utterweb

Welcome To UtterWeb – A Complete DIY Web Solution For Your Business!

For businesses, creating a web presence means more than putting up webpages with their addresses and phone numbers.  It means – Setting up a virtual version of a business Making it engaging and informative Making it accessible across multiple platforms ...
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Web Builder
By Eva Barnes , Jun 22 2016
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