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Documentaries Every Designer Should Watch At Least Once In Their Life

Featured Image: iStock/RadomanDurkovic The life, struggle and job of a designer is never easy, because it isn’t made up of, neither does is depend on, solely one thing. When creating a design, a designer isn’t just creating what he wants but something that has to be ...
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Motion Graphics
By Eva Barnes , Aug 29 2017
UX Design

20 Quotes For Your Pin-Up Board About UX Design

The job of a UX designer is a very crucial one, as user experience can literally make or break a website. Even if a website has the best, most informative content, it won’t matter if it has a bad UX. We could say that, User Experience is directly proportional ...
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Website Design
By Eva Barnes , Aug 15 2017
Website menus

The Ultimate Guide To Website Menus

Thinking of designing a new website for a business? Can’t decide what type of Navigation to use? Don’t worry, we’re here to save the day! Image Source: A study by User Interface Engineering shows, that 60% of the time users aren’t able to find the ...
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Website Design
By Eva Barnes , Aug 3 2017
Millionaire Web Designers

The Under 30 List Of Millionaire Web Designers, Developers And Coders

Featured Image: iStock/NicoElNino Nearly a fortnight ago, all of America observed the National Be A Millionaire Day. Though not an official holiday, this day is considered to be the celebration of the American Dream. Yet what exactly is the American Dream? Below you’ll see some of the ...
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Website Design
By Eva Barnes , Jun 1 2017
internet usage

World Internet Usage And Population Statistics

Featured Image: iStock/ra2studio Every few decades, the people get a new addiction, whether it’s crack, fast food or technology. The current addiction that has the world’s population enslaved is the internet or the World Wide Web (One is relatively useless without the other so we’ll take ...
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Small Business
By Eva Barnes , May 29 2017
Colors for the Web

5 Tips To Choose Colors For The Web

Selecting colors for your website is a pivotal part of the web design process. Each and every shade needs to be handpicked to form a kickass palette, which matches the brand image and brings out a certain character in the website. However, if you fail to do so, ...
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Website Design
By Eva Barnes , May 17 2017

Everything That’s Trending in Landing Page Design

Featured Image: startupstockphotos Spending time and energy on something that is perceived as inconsequential appears to be a waste. One such misunderstood part of a website is the landing page. However, we believe that before creating one, a designer or DIYer should spend at least ...
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Website Design
By Eva Barnes , May 5 2017

Why Business Owners Hate The Web Design Process So Much

Featured Image: iStock/Pablo_K What is it about the web design process that gives business owners sleepless nights? Is it the anticipation building up or the dread? Whichever it is or isn’t, it doesn’t matter. We’ve narrowed down the root cause for all your stress and it’s ...
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Website Design
By Eva Barnes , Apr 24 2017

How To Make Your Web Forms User-Friendly

While, we as amateurs or small business owners, might not place much importance on the design or presence of web forms. It is the scalding truth, that web forms have their own unique function, which can play an important role in your business ...
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By Eva Barnes , Apr 17 2017
Businesses Easter 2017

How Smart Businesses Are Cashing Up on Easter

Featured Image Source: Holiday season is the best time for small businesses and ecommerce stores to multiply their conversions! According to the National Retail Federation, consumers are expected to spend around $18.4 billion in connection to Easter, which is 6% more than $17.3 billion ...
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Small Business
By Eva Barnes , Apr 14 2017
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