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The Amazing Art Of Olympic Posters From 1896-2020

By Eva Barnes , Aug 19 2016
olympic posters 1986 2020

What do you think of when you hear the word, “Olympics”? We bet an image of Usain Bolt crossing the finish line came to your mind, or maybe you recalled Simone Biles’ double twisting layout. Some of you probably recalled the bright, flashy, and colorful opening ceremonies. The

The Olympics have a rich history and like all cultural events have a close relationship with symbolic imagery. Photographs of the events, television broadcasts, and posters are three major components of the visual identity of the Games.

The modern version of the Olympics was first held in Athens during the year 1896. Back then, posters were simply for public communication. As the Games became more popular, the host country, Sweden decided to hold an artistic competition to create a poster for the 1912 Stockholm Olympics.

Each of the posters is a reflection of a culture, the people, and the era. Anyone interested in graphic design will find these designs inspiring.

The rest is history, every occasion after that held the competition and renowned artists contributed their amazing work. The current Rio 2016 poster collection is brilliant; we take a look at all 13 posters and artists. To put the artist’s work in better context, let’s look at the winning entries of the past Olympics. We travel to Athens 1896, travel across the ages to Rio 2016, and then finally move on to the futuristic imagery of Tokyo 2020.

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