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8 Ideas That Will Make Millennials Flock Your Educational Website Like Sheep!

By Eva Barnes , Jan 13 2017
millennial educational website ideas

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It’s no secret that Millennials have, and still are, changing education. According to a study conducted by Millennial Branding and in 2013, called The Future of Education, “50% of students don’t need a physical classroom, 53% believe that online colleges are reputable and 39% view the future of education as being more virtual”. Well this is great news for the loads of, and “loads of”, educational sites out there including yours.

Your site can easily be lost amongst thousands of other similar sites. Talk about being in a ‘a needle in a haystack’ situation! Millennials might be the most educated generation, but like most students throughout history, they do not like studying. What you have to keep in mind is that your site might be about studies, but it doesn’t have to be boring.

Here are 8 creative ideas that will save your site from a sad and traffic-less fate. Follow them because ‘a fix in time, saves your site’!

Keep It Less Nerdy!

Your site can have the best, most useful content online, but it will do no good if it looks boring. No student is willing to scroll through an incessant column of paragraphs. Besides, online users are more prone to skimming through the webpages. So spice it up!

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Use more pictures and short videos that have less but relevant text. If the site is both interesting and useful, then a user is bound to return to it.

Millennials Are Suckers For Social Media!

Maintain a smooth Social Media Marketing Strategy and you’re good to go. There’s a reason why Millennials are called digital natives’; most of them are avid users of Social Media, and most have their presence on more than one social media platform.

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Give Students The Classroom Feel From The Comfort Of Their Homes!

Instead of prerecorded lectures, schedule live class sessions and discussions. K12 might already be using this technique but most aren’t. Such sessions will increase user engagement; it will give pupils an opportunity to participate in class and clear any lingering doubts thy might have about the course.

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Engage Younglings Through Polls And Quizzes!

Youngsters love flaunting their personal life and success on Social Media, almost as much as hundreds of their selfies. Add quizzes, polls and tests on your site and give users the option to post their results on social media.

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It sparks healthy competition between students and thus will do wonders for your traffic analytics.

Give Students Something That Will Look Good On Their CV.

Affiliate yourself with reputed organizations and professionals to create online courses, and conduct trainings or workshops that offer certificates on completion. Another thing which you can do is to coordinate with edX or different universities and publish MOOCs on your site.

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Not Everyone Is Columbus; Help The Lost Millennials Find Their Way Around Your Site.

Imagine yourself in a foreign city with no GPS and very few signs to help you, and no this is not a Finding Dory reference. Users face a similar dilemma when they are searching for information on a site with little or improper navigation. An educational website, similar to an ecommerce website, has loads of information that needs to be properly categorized and stored. Hyperlinks and internal links are essentials!

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Bryan Davies, a smart author once said, “Too much information will make your brain choke”. Don’t let this happen to your users. As time is very important to Millennials, why would they waste their time on your site when they can do so somewhere fun? The harder they have to look for information, the more bored they get, increasing the chances of them abandoning your site altogether.

Nutella And Pizza Aren’t The Only Two Options To Lure The Young Ones.

Give the students incentives on memberships and subscriptions. Sites like SparkNotes have offers on memberships where people can get access to unlimited resources and eBooks that are stored on the site. Offers like these are very appealing to the poor chaps who are straddled with student loans and are willing to spend very little elsewhere, like on books, but this is surely not the case when it comes to food or something more appealing to them.

Millennials Love Holiday Seasons.

Millennials, along with the vast majority of the world, love holiday season, and the gifts and prizes that come along with them.

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On important days or holidays, you can keep challenges that give students a chance to win free coupons, books, amazon credit, or other prizes, just to get in the holiday spirit. Or on a more serious note, to direct traffic to your site and increase its popularity. Use banners, social media or other platforms to maximize your website traffic during the holiday season.

Implement these innovative ideas and you’ll surely become the one online stop for every student and educationist.

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