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Not Marketing On Instagram? Check Out Every Reason Your Brand Should Be

By Eva Barnes , Mar 21 2018
Marketing on Instagram

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Brands fell in love with Instagram since the day they met and got along well with each other. That’s when the sparks of marketing began to fly.

Almost everyone noticed marketing growing up and developing, but no one ever realized that it’s going to get that serious on Instagram.

With about 800 million users actively using Instagram for two consecutive years, Instagram has been fueling up the marketing spark with some new features, such as stories, page exploration, and purchasable photos among many others.

Social media legend has it that brands are constricting the market and it’s going to be ‘survival of the fittest’. As more and more brands compete to achieve the fighting chance, Instagram reveals that about 80% users follow at least 1 brand on Instagram.

Instagram has become a broad communication channel which exhibits a company’s image on a distinguished platform and reflects consumer choices associated with the brand.

What motivates these brands to carry on? What inspires them to keep going? What captivates them?

Here are 15 reasons why brands are obsessed with the Instagram market and their loyal followers!

Brands Love Instagram

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1. The Shopping Haul

The number one motive for these brands to keep going on is the simultaneous resonance of their loyal followers on Instagram. Customers, on the other hand, are interested in the products and services that a brand offers.

According to Instagram, shoppers are engaged with a brand twice the times than a non-shopper. Plus, the shopping population spends about 85% of their week scouring and watching out for new products and services.

2. A Boosting Conversion Rate

Loved by most brands, Instagram keeps growing and hits a conversion rate of 1.08%, which is the rate at which people likely make purchases after visiting a brand on Instagram.

3. Hitting The Shopping Buttons

With about 95% Americans shopping annually to 5% shopping on a daily basis, Instagram has made business accessibility easier than ever. Incorporating shopping buttons, such as, learn more, shop now, and install, customers have been digging up their favorite bands.

Thus, it comes as no surprise as 61% online brands have reported improved growth in revenue.

4. Unlimited Impressions To Keep The Brands On The Go

There isn’t a single business who wouldn’t want to be presented in the best possible way. The reason most of them approach Instagram is its amazing capability to keep up with the trend – regardless of your business type.

5. Keeping The Fashion Fad Alive

Thanks to all the phenomenal and exceptional impressions and attributes, Instagram hasn’t lagged behind in keeping up with the trending fashion world.

Popular and dynamic brands, such as Chanel, Christian Louboutin, and Versace among many others have a maintained their high-end fashion profile. For instance, Christian Louboutin exhibited its homepage photo gallery #louboutinworld directly on Instagram, which grew its followers up to 80% as compared to only 8% on Facebook since the last year.

6. Numerous Opportunities For Online Shoppers

Businesses and brands are into Instagram for the way it attracts the swarms of customers.

A large number of consumers learn about the products and services and can benefit from the online brand presence. Brands use creative media along with Instagram potentialities to enhance the user experience, and hence, affect their shopping choices.

With a rapidly growing platform as Instagram, brands have the opportunity to reach their audience via customer community and engage them by offering the best of their services.

7. The Art Of Storytelling

If you’re thinking why storytelling on the web is important and a unique feature on Instagram, you might want to look at the 250 million users actively using this feature daily.

For that reason alone, the brands that share interesting stories are the ones that keep attracting a hefty number of fans and followers. It offers exciting ways for businesses to engage with their customers and make the audience aware of their social media presence.

It’s the voice brands can’t afford to miss!

8. The Young Generation Hype

Tis the season to target the younger generation!

Now that the millennials, aged between 15-35 years, make up the most of the US population (about 95 million), it comes as no surprise when the market shifts its pace to match with this young generation’s.

Moreover, millennials are also the largest shopping generation, i.e. spending about 600 billion US dollars annually. In combination with the fact that 74% millennials have already made purchases on Instagram visuals, brands have become more younger-generation oriented.

9. Posting With Filters

It’s intriguing yet enthralling to see about 60% top brands using the same filter for every post. Why do they do that?

Maintaining a consistent approach – on how brands showcase their products – develops an appeal for the consumers. The number of followers keep going up as the filter becomes a trademark and a unique feature of that brand.

10. Building Strong Connections

All brands want is to get close to their customers in order to grow. And that can be achieved through a connection made via social media platform.

Instagram is the picture-perfect platform that not only helps thrive the brand recognition but also helps develop and sustain a closer and emotional relationship with their customers.

11. Long Live The Hashtags

Ever wondered why there are so many hashtags hovering a product? That’s because a post with at least one hashtag receives an engagement of about 12.6% more as compared to the non-hashtag post.

That’s why the top brand use relevant hashtags to improve their engagement rates and are a great source to promote brand awareness.

12. Location Matters

How convenient it is to find your favorite brand’s location!

Stats reveal that about 79% of the posts tagged with brand location have a higher engagement rate.

Whether the brand is inaugurating a new location or is driving a new awareness campaign, tagging a location comes in handy as the most reliable means to direct the followers to wherever the brand goes.

13. We’re Never Closed!

The best thing about Instagram that a brand loves is the ever open platform. Customers can reach their favorite brands by simply clicking and following their preferred brand’s online shopping website, without there being any limit to time and location.

14. Link And Click For More Exposure

Of all the best ways to attract traffic on Instagram, successful brands ought to link in their websites. When showed creative media and content, the customers and potential clients (75%) are more likely to pay a visit to the brand’s official site to get a good look at the products and services of their interest.

15. Advertising Like No Other

Whether it’s a photo or a video, ads on Instagram are destined to receive the attention they demand.

In case you didn’t know, 25% of the ads displayed on Instagram are videos, which are effective in increasing engagement rates.

Brands tend to share more video-based stories on Instagram as the video watching and production has increased four folds since the last year.

Moreover, since there are two million advertisers on Instagram, brands keep showing up with backstage and behind-the-scenes videos to engage audience more effectively.

Climbing The Brand Roads Of Instagram

Instagram – as a market – keeps going steeper and brands are doing everything to get to the top. If used the right way, it can unfold fantastic opportunities for the growing brands as well as the consumers.

The brands are loving it like no other and yes, that goes for the audience too. You’ll fall in love with shopping for sure once you see how brands adore Instagram!

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