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Halloween Color Palette And What Each Color Represents

By Eva Barnes , Oct 27 2017

Every year, as Halloween draws near, we see brands switching from their traditional branding and packaging to something more holiday themed. We find more skulls, pumpkins and witches on the boxes of daily use items. And this isn’t just restricted to candy, juices and cereal; but you will also find a lot of Halloween inspired items in the perfumes, makeup, toiletries and even scented candles aisles.

You’ll also notice that, most of these consumer goods would be donning signature a Halloween palette, as is the norm. Using a classic Halloween palette is a subtle way to leverage colors to impact conversions.

What are signature Halloween colors you ask? Classic Halloween colors are those which link back to things that are symbolic to this holiday.

When you think of Halloween, what are the first things that come to mind, aside from candy? Jack-o’-lanterns, bats, mystical night skies, cauldron smoke, fake blood, ghosts and old bones as just a handful of things that come to mind.

Here are the colors most commonly associated with Halloween, along with what they represent and some products that are using these in their seasonal packaging.


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Not only do some firms give out discounts and customize their packaging, flavors and colors, but they also present special editions; and even go as far as to launch a whole holiday range. Below are the examples:

1. Fanta

Coca Cola’s Fanta holiday campaign has perhaps been the most publicized this Halloween, despite keeping it simple. They have used no more than four classic Halloween colors on each Fanta can (from orange, red, black, white and yellow) pairing it with either a skull, witch, vampire or Frankenstein face.

Image Source

2. Oreo

Oreo has also released a simple collection of chocolate eggs – a Jack-o’-lantern egg (orange), a ghost egg (white) and a vampire egg (purple), all donning black with their base colors.

3. Jones Soda

Almost every year, Jones soda is known to release a Halloween range with unique soda flavors and packaging. This year they have launched, limited edition Halloween 2017 cane sugar soda – the blood orange and lemon drop dead.

Jones Soda
Image Source

4. Lunchables

This Halloween inspired treat will bring the popular 90’s lunches back to schools, with their s’mores dippers, dirt cake and cookie dunk holiday snacks.

5. Pumpkin Face Rum

Though this brand is available the whole year round, it is famous for selling only Halloween flavored rum in creepy pumpkin shaped bottles.

Pumpkin Face Rum
Image Source

6. McVitie’s

With wrappers leaving little to be desired for, McVitie’s has released their own freaky treats. Their packaging has managed to capture the classic Halloween spirit, the perfect combination of scary and disgusting.

Image Source

7. Strobe Cosmetics

Strobe Cosmetics decided to bring back two of its best-selling American Horror Story palettes, with a bang – the Freak Show Palette and the Hotel Palette. These eye shadow palette with the exact shades you need to glam up your Halloween look while staying true to your daunting costume.

8. Lush Cosmetics

Lush perhaps has released the most holiday themed products, from bath bombs to bubble bars, shower cream, scrub, soaps, knot wrap and even lip tints.

While we can provide you with a dozen more examples, it’s better not to get too ahead of ourselves. Coming back to the original topic…

Halloween is just once example; holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and even New Year put the market forces on overdrive. Businesses tend to take out the big guns during this time of the fiscal year, offering consumers amazing discounts and offers. This results in elevated sales. An example of influencing consumer behavior during holidays was witnessed earlier this year when business did their best to cash up on Easter.

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