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50 Free App Fonts For Tech Startups On A Tight Budget!

By Eva Barnes , Aug 16 2016
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Featured Image: iStock/ferrantraite

Every app developer knows that font choice can make or break your app. Dedicated web and graphic artists are always on the lookout for new and fresh fonts. Since there is no silver bullet when it comes to font selection, a variety of fonts in your design arsenal will serve you well.

We have rounded up 50 professional fonts perfect for web and app design. Moreover, all of these can be downloaded without paying a cent! The criteria used in this selection include clarity, legibility on screens, readability, multi-language support, and versatility.

Look at this amazing collection, we guarantee your favorite-font list will grow considerably once you are done reviewing these 50 fonts.

10 Best Fonts For Social Media Apps

Social media apps need to appeal to wider audiences and are highly interactive. This means using fonts that look clear and legible even when used at small point sizes. Here are some fonts that work great for any kind of social media app.

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1. Axis

Jean Wojciechowski designed this font. Axis contains only uppercase characters and is meant as a clean sans serif font.

Axis Font

2. Anke Sans

Created by Noe Araujo, Anke Sans is a highly legible font built using simple geometric shapes. It has an orb-like structure and lends a fresh look to any design.

Anke Sans Font

3. Meticulous Ariel

This font draws inspiration from the world of fashion and luxury brands. The crisp and elegant structure gives it a classy look, which can bring an extra touch of awesome to your web design.

Meticulous Ariel Font
Image: behance

4. Cenotaph Titling

This is a special kind of display font optimized to scale up to larger point-sizes without losing legibility. It has a more pronounced weight contrast and tighter spacing between letters. Cenotaph is inspired form the works of renowned typeface designer, Eric Gill.

Cenotaph Titling
Image: behance

5. Moderne Sans

Created by Marius Kempken, Moderne Sans is a sans serif font with a clean design. The structure of the characters draws inspiration from the classic typefaces of the 1920s.

Moderne Sans Font
Image: behance

6. Cloud Sans

Cloud Sans is an Old Style humanist font, it has a steady rhythm and flows easily. The structure has a hint of grotesque elements and comes in five weights, three of which (italic, light, and bold) are available for free.

Cloud Sans Font

7. Mosk

Created by a Romanian designer, Iulian Maftei, Mosk was meant to be an ideal font for logo design; however, the clear linear structure makes it suitable for websites and all kinds of graphic design work.

Mosk Font
Image: behance

8. Muller Narrow

A sub-family of the Complete Muller Type System, Muller Narrow consists of 20 weights and is suitable for all kinds of electronic screens and web projects. The styles available for download include light, light italic, extra bold, and extra bold italic.

Muller Narrow
Image: fontfabric

9. Drugs Font Family

Initially meant for use in the pharmaceutical industry, the Drugs typeface is a great option for web design, app design, and desktop apps. The available styles range from thin to black and make this a truly versatile option for graphic designers.

Drugs Font Family
Image: behance

10. Eligible

Eligible was designed by Jérémie Dupuis as a highly legible typeface for use in logo design, print and web graphics.

Eligible Font
Image: dafont

10 Best Fonts For Games And Entertainment Apps

Mobile games or any other entertainment apps need a blend of large and small fonts. The specific needs depend on the location and color of the text but any of these fonts will be suitable.

1. Espacio Novo

Espacio Novo is a charming font that comes in three different weights. Its unique features include lovely curves, slight serif accents, and clean lines.

Espacio Novo Font
Image: dafont

2. Arkiv

A versatile and modern sans serif, Arkiv includes all Cyrillic characters. It has a bold look and can be sued for all kinds of digital and print projects.

Arkiv Font
Image: behance

3. Cooper Hewitt

Cooper Hewitt letterforms are composed of elegant arches and altered geometric curves. This is a modern digital form created by Chester Jenkins especially for the Cooper Hewitt Museum. The web font is available for free and works well for websites.

Cooper Hewitt Font
Image: dafont

4. Fabiolo

This font was created by Uilliam Sirqueira. Fabiolo has an elegant design and looks great on screen and on print. A versatile font that can be used in different kinds of design projects.

Fabiolo Font
Image: behance

5. Gen

Created by Alfredo Marco Pradil of Hanken Design Co. this font looks like a generic sans serif. The unique feature is that it looks incredibly clear and clean on any kind of website.

Gen Font
Image: 1001fonts

6. Cathedral

This font is modeled after the Transitional typefaces and has all the traditional characteristics of the Transitional genre. The contrast between the weights of strokes makes the letters stand out. The serifs have flat bases, which makes the letterforms look graceful.

Cathedral Font
Image: behance

7. Margot

Margot is a vibrant font family optimized for use in large point-sizes. Its design makes it ideal for any typographical purposes.

Margot Font
Image: behance

8. Bakersfield

The Bakersfield letterforms are inspired from the geometric typefaces of 1920s. The result is a font with clean and legible constructs. The geometry has a structured look and uses precise kerning. The variety of weights makes it ideal for use in web design and product design.

Bakersfield Font
Image: osamaworks

9. Cabin

Cabin is a modern sans serif humanist font. The forms draw inspiration from typefaces created by masters such as Eric Gill and Edward Johnston. Cabin creates a harmonious medley of geometric elements, modern proportions and optical adjustments.

Cabin Font
Image: 1001fonts

10. Geomanist

Created by the designers at Atipo Studio, Geomanist is a clean, sans serif, modern font. It comes in 18 different styles and makes your designs look neat and balanced.

Geomanist Font
Image: geomanist

10 Best Fonts For Messaging Apps

Messaging apps need a simple clean layout and fonts that complement this goal. Solid sans serif fonts usually look the best in messaging apps. Check out the ones we found to be the best.

1. Hanken

Hanken is a rounded lightweight geometric font. The rounded letterforms don’t compromise the clarity or legibility, therefore it works with digital displays of all sizes.

Hanken Font
Image: behance

2. Leto Text Sans

Leto Text Sans is a Transitional sans serif typeface, it is available in nine different styles.

Leto Text Sans Font
Image: behance

3. Luxia

Luxia belongs to the Didone genre (also called modern face or modern fonts). This font includes some unique characters, and ends up looking modern with the right splash of classic elegance.

Luxia Font
Image: behance

4. Campton

Campton is a neutral sans serif font. It’s based on a simple geometric skeleton and is perfectly suitable for any graphic design application.

Campton Font
Image: fontfabric

5. Matias

Matias supports up to 18 different languages and is ideal for use in headlines, social media images, or large printouts. The font includes 408 glyphs.

Matias Font
Image: behance

6. Chau Philomene One

This font has a distinctive look because of the sharper angles and narrow letters. Chau Philomene One is part of the Chau family of fonts and is perfect for text that needs to be highlighted, such as CTAs (Call to Action).

Chau Philomene One Font
Image: 1001fonts

7. Fonesia

This is an awesome font that comes in three different varieties. It was created by Arwan Sutanto and the standard glyphs (lowercase, uppercase, numerals, punctuation, and miscellaneous symbols) are available for free.

Fonesia Font
Image: behance

8. Now

The Now typeface includes six weights, there is an additional set of 6 weights, collectively called the Now Alt. This typeface was designed by Alfredo Marco Pradil and has a crisp geometric structure.

Now Font
Image: 1001fonts

9. Pier

A structured and modern font, Pier is a bit removed from geometric structures. It looks good regardless of size and will likely fit any design need.

Pier Font
Image: behance

10. Monopoly

Created by Hyun Seok Choi, this font comes in two different weights, regular and bold. It has a traditional design but gives a unique twist to the classic structures. The glyphs included in download are lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special letters.

Monopoly Font
Image: behance

10 Best Fonts For Finance Apps

Fintech apps often have to display a lot of charts and graphs for the user. Due to this, it’s better if they use cleaner fonts with square terminals. The following ten fonts have been selected for their clarity and legibility.

1. Pifont

Pifont was created by Filipa Contente and is a slab serif font with lowercase and uppercase characters. You can download it for use in your web design and app development projects.

Pifont Font
Image: behance

2. Quicksand

Created by Andrew Paglinawan, Quicksand is a sans serif font perfect for electronic displays and screens. The geometric forms used by the designer have been optically optimized and offer ideal legibility.

Quicksand Font
Image: fontsquirrel

3. Aventura

A graphic artist named, Jimmy Kalman designed the Aventura font. The creator has drawn inspiration from nature and camping. The letterforms are well structured and bold yet have a harmonious flow. It will give a cool touch of retro to your designs.

Aventura Font
Image: behance

4. Fenton

This font was created by Fatih Güne? and is available in six different weights. Fenton is a clear font suitable for use in digital devices, magazines, logos, apps, and any kind of promotional material.

Fenton Font
Image: fatihgunes

5. Gasalt

Remi Lagast designed this font after being inspired by the text in classic arcade games. The result is a highly legible sans serif font which looks great on screen.

Gasalt Font
Image: behance

6. Rabiola

Designed by Raphael Sathler, Rabiola is inspired from typefaces used in old newspapers. It is ideal for both print and digital projects.

Rabiola Font
Image: behance

7. Tofino Typeface

A balanced and clean font, Tofino has been designed by Alanna Munro. The typeface merges design elements from Swiss type and the West Coast, a combination termed, “West Coast Swiss.” Tofino is designed for use in digital screens and looks crisp, snappy, and clear on any mobile or web project.

Tofino Typeface Font
Image: tofino.losttype

8. Moon

A simple rounded font available in bold and thin weights. Moon has clean edges and balanced spacing.

Moon Font
Image: behance

9. Graviola Regular

Graviola has a soft look because of the rounded terminals, it supports over 40 languages and contains 533 glyphs. The overall effect is more friendly and less rigid.

Graviola Regular Font
Image: behance

10. Young Serif

A medium serif font, YoungSerif looks crisp and clear and is perfect for use in logo design, mobile apps and web design.

Young Serif Font
Image: github

10 Best Fonts For Security Apps

No matter how efficient or well developed your app is, the first thing a user evaluates is the appearance. No one would trust a security app if the design looks unprofessional. The right font can give your security app a polished look that will impress users and eventually earn you top rankings in the security app category. Here are some fonts which look professional and elegant.

1. Zona Pro

Zona Pro is a multifunctional and elegant font. Inspired by the geometric letterforms of the 1920s, it has a few grotesque touches, which become more obvious in the heavier weights. Zona Pro works equally well for display as well as editorial uses.

Zona Pro Font
Image: fontfabric

2. Ahellya

A Ukrainian artist, Dmitry Barsukov designed the Ahellya font. Originally meant for use in print, the font seems to work great on screens. It will lend a unique look to your web or graphic design projects.

Ahellya Font
Image: dafont

3. Rund-Grotesk

Rund-Grotesk is based on geometrical structures and has some classic characteristics. The x-height is large but the descenders are short, giving the font a unique appearance. The lowercase letters have a more pronounced connection with old black letter font families.

Rund Grotesk Font
Image: rundgrotesk

4. Simplifica

This a clear and crisp font and has a unique look due to the narrow line widths. However, the thin line width does not affect its legibility because the ascender and cap height occupy high positions.

Simplifica Font
Image: freebiesbug

5. Atletico

A result of the collaborative efforts between two design studios, Stereotypes and Artill, Atletico is a high-quality font that comes in six different weights. The contrast between the serifs and main letter strokes is smooth, this makes the letters appear solid and neat.

Atletico Font
Image: fonts.artill

6. Sk-Modernist

This font aims to merge the simple style of Avant Garde with the modern forms of Grotesk such as Helvetica. Sk-Modernist is a clean and minimalistic font that uses a mathematical formula to optimize the look of each character. It looks amazingly clear on all digital mediums and is perfect for web design.

Sk Modernist Font
Image: seankanedesign

7. Fibon Sans

A geometric font that is highly legible and low-contrast, Fibon Sans is suitable for use in both print and displays. The curves lend it a dynamic quality and are great for adding a hint of modernity to any graphic design.

Fibon Sans Font
Image: sellfy

8. Groteskia

Groteskia is a free font designed by Néstor Delgado. This is the only font in this list that has been custom-built for smaller digital displays. This sans serif font maintains its clarity when scaled down and is a solid option for mobile apps.

Groteskia Font
Image: dafont

9. Fina

An ultra-thin font that looks beautiful in headlines or text. The uppercase letters are distinguished through the presence of dots on the terminals.

Fina Font
Image: yaisalinas

10. Maxwell

Designed by Ryan Pyae, Maxwell is suitable for use in graphic design, animation, logo design, and headlines.

Maxwell Font
Image: behance

A Final Word Of Advice

Every app has unique design requirements; if you want good reviews in the major app marketplaces, pick a suitable font. Setting Helvetica as the default choice for all projects is not an option. Fonts have a significant visual impact and must be chosen carefully.

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