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6 Elements Of Successful User Interface Design

By Eva Barnes , Nov 29 2017
User Interface Design

The first step to creating a successful UI design, is to understand its function and importance. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to create a Graphical User Interface (GUI), Command Line Interface (CLI) or Voice User Interface (VUI), you first stipulation would still be to understand UI design. In order to do so, we have compiled some credible definitions, for your perusal. (On a side note, our speculation is that VUIs could be the next big thing in web design; what do you think?)

Definitions of User Interface Design

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Now that you have the basic idea of what UI design is, it’s time to pinpointing what a successful UI exactly entails, so you know what you need to integrate in your design.

While designing a UI what you need to focus most on is its usability, functionality and layout. In other words, your design needs to look good, assimilate the latest tech and trends, and all the while it should be easy to use and understand.

User Interface Quote

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With all the information, now right under your nose, we can move on to the core of this article – the key elements of successful UI design, as listed below.

  1. First impressions matter
  2. Consistency is the key
  3. Ensure quality across the board
  4. Stray away from dark patterns
  5. Users first approach
  6. Avoid false buttons

For better understanding of these elements, just watch the video!

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