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Easter Egg-Stravaganza: 3 Inspiring Social Media Campaign Ideas To Pump Up Your Sales

By Eva Barnes , Mar 29 2018
Happy Easter

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Why did the hen cross the road?

To get to the other side?

No. To prepare her social media marketing campaign for Easter.

Yeah, that’s right!

With Easter just around the corner, the bunnies are starting to hop and the eggs are about to be cracked. You might want to brace yourself for the ‘Chocolate Sunday’ and watch out for the hen that’s going digital – with chocolate eggs.

People all around the world love Easter; in fact, about $226 per household is spent during Easter in the US annually.

Easter Sales
Illustration: Freepik

This, however, leaves out the brands that transform their marketing campaigns to hit the seasonal holiday sales in a full swing. For that reason, they employ clever-yet-unique ideas for their seasonal campaigns that set an example for the upcoming market.


Oh no, it isn’t just the confectionery industry that’s on the roll; there are several examples of how several companies have used social media sites creatively and pinned the idea in many eggheads.

Without further ado, here are a few social media Easter campaign ideas (and examples) that have cracked the eggs for many.

So, let’s get started before the hen hits the road.

1. The Case Of The Chocolate Hotel, The Dandy Bunny, And The Levitating Eggs

Hotel Chocolat is a notable chocolate house in the UK, which features its distinguished figure – the beau bunny. Every Easter, this high street chain uses its social media accounts to attract the public’s attention.


Once, customers were asked to take selfies with the beau bunny and share their photos on social media with the hashtag #TheBeauBunny. The walls and feeds of the Hotel Chocolat’s Facebook and Twitter accounts were covered entirely with photos and videos of people posing with the modish Easter bunny. That’s called keeping the holiday spirit alive for a little fun!

On another occasion, the bunny visited several places and asked people to fill an online form and guess the location. The catch was chocolate eggs and free giveaways. Who’d want to miss chocolate when it’s free?!

In 2017, this chocolate hotel came up with another eggs-periment: the gigantic floating Easter egg. Although the egg appeared at various tourist spots in the UK, the stunt was kept alive online by asking people to guess the location. The prize itself was this 20 kg floating egg, 5 times the size of a usual Easter egg.

Key Takeaway Idea: From all the innovative concepts ingrained in the Hotel Chocolat’s Easter campaign, you can introduce a figure representing your concepts in accordance with the Easter theme.

Using innovative ideas helps grab the attention of your customers if it’s interesting and rewarding. You can interact with your social media fans and make them your docile followers by implementing novel approaches, such as short quizzes, online forms, and social media selfie contests.

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2. The All-Time Favorite: Cadbury

Cadbury celebrates Easter like no other. Following its chocolaty tradition for about 2 centuries, Cadbury’s Easter campaign jumps out at anyone who’s obsessed with innovation, creativity, fun, chocolate, and eggs, of course.

From its Crème Egg spotters campaign, the #FreeTheJoyCampaign aka the 2-second chick and egg video on Facebook, the #EggsEverywhere aka the 3 giant eggs floating in the Loch Ness, Cadbury added a new social media dimension to the Easter Campaigns.

Cadbury's Easter Hunt Egg Invitation
Cadbury’s Easter Hunt Egg Invitation

Moreover, Cadbury used social media to deliver latest news and updates on its Easter campaign to keep the audience hooked with sneak peeks and behind-the-campaign scenes.

Here’s an interesting fact about the #EggsEverywhere Easter campaign. Leaving the chocolate eggs floating in the Loch Ness River in the Scottish Highlands, Cadbury aimed to shoot two birds with one stone.

Cadbury's Floating Nessie Eggs
Cadbury’s Floating Nessie Eggs

First, the eggs obviously represented Easter and secondly, they played the legend of the Loch Ness Monster. The popularity of the festive-cum-legend concept became popular on social media in no time and solidified the company’s sales as well as its dedication to the international festival and the local myth.

Key Takeaway Idea: Although Cadbury is a world-recognized confectionery brand, it doesn’t mean that you can’t adapt to the concept delivered by Cadbury to increase your sales.

Delivering out-of-the-box ideas intrigues the public to approach the brand’s website. You can blend in two different concepts at a time, with Easter being your primary approach.

Showcasing your ideas using hashtags not only promotes your sales, but also helps you cumulate a larger audience.

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3. The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt With Thorntons

Thorntons, the high street chocolatier, has turned the tables by taking its digital marketing strategy to the next level. As a fundamental responsibility of every chocolate house, the Thorntons took over the social media by introducing an Easter Campaign based on the egg hunt.

The most compelling part of this approach was the publication of an interactive map that revealed 50+ locations of hidden eggs all around the UK. This led the fans to share and discuss clues on Facebook and Twitter. Plus, they were also urged to share their egg hunt expedition following the hashtag #HarryHopsalotEggHunt.

At another Easter Campaign, the Thorntons wanted to exhibit their master craftsmanship behind each Easter egg. In this campaign, they introduced a gaming element, which was aimed to display Thorntons’s passion for creating the holiday ritual.

Key Takeaway Idea: Any small business can depict the concepts behind Thorntons Easter campaigns i.e. it can incorporate a different idea each Easter and promote it on social media as much as possible.

The Thorntons focused on using social media as an interactive medium due to which their online sales skyrocketed. The more the public interaction, the more the chances of sales getting increased.

Moreover, if you’re investing in incorporating web design elements in your Easter campaign, you have to showcase the Easter theme, add content related to this holiday, and show the zeal within some fun domain, such as a game, like the Thorntons.

Keep The Hunt Going On With Some Easter Egg-Stravaganza

Easter – basically a Christian tradition – has mysteriously been associated with bunnies, baskets, buns, confectionery, and yes, chocolate. The confectionary industry tries to ace this special holiday with novel and intriguing ideas and stretch their approach in any direction.

With the ideas from some well-known sources, you can take your cue and prep your holiday campaign. Use your brand’s voice to communicate any message that engages your public and keeps them obsessed with your brand and Easter. That’s where your sales will start growing and will hatch the golden egg of your dreams. Happy Easter!

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