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The Secret Seven In Content For A Transcended UX

By Eva Barnes , Feb 1 2017

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“When creating content, be empathetic above all else. Try to live the lives of your audience.”

– Rand Fishkin, Founder of Moz

With no offense leveled at Fishkin, I have to disagree with his astute, yet somewhat fallacious, piece of advice. Empathy might be important, but the most salient facet to hold onto while creating content, is devising and emulating a shrewd content strategy.

Content is vital in providing a stellar user experience; meaning you have to be felicitously smack on. I read on Webflow, that you have to showcase ‘the right information, in the right place, at the right time’. This being true, a person has to be extra vigilant while formulating content.

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Over the years and with the rise of social media, our brains have rewired themselves. In the last decade, the average attention span has dropped from 12 minutes to merely 5 minutes. Catering to an audience, which doesn’t spare more than a glance, can be a hard task. Conversion optimization thus, would be nothing less of a herculean undertaking.

A quintessential website from our understanding would have a bonzer design and tailored content. Design is what initially compels visitors to spend some time on the site, if they don’t find the design appealing or user friendly, they leave immediately. Next comes content, the function of this is to hook the users to the site and get them to convert or to become recurring visitors.

Therefore, while laying the groundwork for your content be sure that it is fashioned to provide a kick ass user experience. Otherwise, all your hard work will go to waste. We’ll give you a few tips to assist you in revamping your old work and something extra for future reference.

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Clarity And Readability

    1. The content should be understandable and easy to scan. The written matter should be categorized subsequently with appropriate headers, sub-headers and even visuals if needed.

    2. The website should be optimized for use on mobile, so the matter can effortlessly and beauteously fall into place according to the screen size.

    Mobile users

Target Audience

    3. There is a generalized conclusion that some writing styles are more engaging for visitors than others. The style of address should be conversational, somewhat informal and in some cases even a direct address would prove to be beneficial. This creates a personal relationship, even if plutonic, between the user the business.

    4. The content on the site should be scripted as such, that it becomes plain sailing for the readers. The matter should be concise and the terminology, as well as the linguistics used, should be as easy as pie.

Target Audience
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Information Architecture

    5. While structuring content, the key factor to keep in mind is ‘how it would appear on the webpage’. The placement and tally of matter should always be such that it looks pleasing on the screen.

beautifully designed

    6. The information should be fractionated with infographics, videos, images and other sorts of multimedia, so the readers don’t lose interest in the site.

Information architecture
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Search Engine Optimization And Conversion Rate Optimization

    7. SEO and CRO are integral part of a site’s editorial strategy, and fortunately, the basis of both are mostly accordant. You should use comprehensible and apt content; keywords, headlines and calls to action. There shouldn’t be any generic links, tags or statements. Also, replacing all complex multimedia content would do wonders for the conversion rate and SEO.

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Now that you’ve seen the points (and hopefully jotted them down), you would’ve gotten a fairly good idea about what content you should add and how to present it. At the end of the day, your main focus should be on presenting your work in such a way that it is pleasing to the site’s visitors. Nonetheless, we’d love to hear your views on this; do you think content has such a big impact on UX? Implement these tips and let us know what response your site got!

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