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Branding Now Made Easy: A Complete Guide to UtterWeb’s Website Building Process

By Eva Barnes , Apr 3 2018

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A brand is a company’s identity and branding is its alter ego. A brand defines, compacts, and solidifies the foundation of a company’s products, services, and its decisions in the long run.

Your brand is your most prized asset because that’s how your customers recognize you. Once you make a good, positive impression, it’s likely that your customers will reflect that attitude.

If you’re a small business owner, who wants to step into the colossal digital market, you must be prepared to compete with brands of all sorts. You have to establish a distinguished brand identity that has the potential to attract prospective clientele.

For that reason alone, branding comes off as a pivotal factor that has the ability to hit or miss the purported concept of the brand.

So, you think that developing a brand is just as easy as designing a trendy logo or a conspicuous web advertisement? Then you’ve got to change the way you think.

Brand Your Website
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Seriously, branding is much more than just a child’s play; it is an organized process of developing and promoting a brand. A well-designed approach determines the brand’s chances of success. It could be used to establish a new brand or to rebrand an old one.

Moreover, it’s a time taking process, the efforts of which yield fruits in the long term.

By fruits, it doesn’t mean the ones growing on trees (though they take time to ripe too, you know); it means the sales increment, efficient product development, positive customer testimonials, and a bucket load of success.

UtterWeb’s Website Branding: The All-in-One Bundle

Wondering where to start the branding process online? UtterWeb offers a complete package of branding solutions and sets your business apart with a stunning website.

It is an epitome for anyone who wants to build a branded website to create a perfect business identity. The customized branding designates a signature touch, which includes customized content, unlimited website themes, and unique logo designs.

Website Branding

Moreover, the branding solution includes a comprehensive set of designs for business cards, letterheads, envelopes, and a lot more.

You can create a branded website on your own using the UtterWeb website builder. It’s absolutely free and is guaranteed to provide custom content for your company.

You don’t have to write the content or anything of the sort. UtterWeb is going to do all that for you. Plus, you can always customize the content depending on your company’s requirements.

Ok. So, UtterWeb is the complete branding solution, which is absolutely amazing; how is the branding process carried out?

UtterWeb realizes the efforts that entrepreneurs and small businesses put into the process of branding, that’s why it entails the procedure in just a few steps.

Curious enough to discover the secret behind UtterWeb’s website branding process? Read the step on below:

Step 1: Choosing The Design And Content

UtterWeb displays a wide array of templates, which are highly responsive and are unbelievably mutable. Every template is a perfect combination of custom content and brand identity design that makes each theme unique in its own way.

Whether you’re making a website for matrimony, a restaurant, pet and animal care, insurance firm, or an information technology company, you can choose your desired template from UtterWeb’s theme gallery and customize the content as per your requirement.

Choose A Theme And Build Your Brand Website

Plus, here’s a bonus tip: you can always change the theme once you get one. It could be a great idea to rebrand your website or add a little innovation to your business.

Step 2: Customizing The Theme

Finally, you’ve chosen the theme that resonates your business and it’s the time for some theme customization.

Now, it is all up to you to change anything you want in your theme because it’s all yours! Did you say you need a designer or a programmer? Nah, who needs them when you can use the Utterweb’s drag and drop feature, customize the layout, upload media, and change the color.

Changing The Theme Color Palette

Don’t like the existing theme color? It’s all right. You can use the color palette to change the color and contrast of the theme. Once you’re done with customization, you’re ready to move onto the next step.

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3. Launching Your Website

By now, you didn’t think it’s going to be a piece of cake, eh? You’ve made it this far so let’s get prepared.

The final step is the simplest. Just one click and your website is ready to go live.

Startup Branding
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With your own and personalized domain catered by UtterWeb, you can launch your website in no time.

BONUS GIVEAWAYS: Once your website is completed and has launched successfully, UtterWeb gives you an opportunity to avail FREE logo, business card, letterhead and envelope designs along with complete social media branding solution.

All you’ve to do is enter your company name, industry type, and your city to enjoy the unlimited branding chances – only with UtterWeb.

When Are You Branding With UtterWeb?

Since brand and branding go hand in hand, there’s no need to rush important matters like these unless you’ve got a genie or rather UtterWeb.

UtterWeb aims to help startups design their own brand and eases the tension that lies between the brand startup and the brand success.

You can create your own responsive website and enjoy the quality content catered by UtterWeb – that corresponds with your business ideas.

So, what’s stopping you now?

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