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Welcoming Challenges In Logo Design – The Tale Of Every Startup

By Eva Barnes , Apr 10 2018
Challenges In Logo Design

Featured Image: iStock/scyther5

Every business and startup has an untold story beyond what you see.

Business startups come across a variety of challenges that might not seem pleasing like the general hardwired concept.

The struggle is real and every business has to strive for survival.

So, what determines the success once you pass all the tests? The logo design.

Logo design is the first impression that eventually becomes the seal of your success.

It comprises of a kaleidoscope of challenges every business has to face per se. Logo design is something that should be taken seriously by startups and businesses.

It should be different and should be able to separate you from the crowd.

Moreover, it’s important to focus on excelling the competition with a logo that establishes your distinguished identity as a brand.

Most businesses spend all their energy on building their market strategies, but regard logo design as something not worth the effort.

A business with a cheap or low-effort logo design would probably look similar to a well-constructed building lacking a good paint job.

That is the reason why confronting the challenges and passing through them is worth the effort.

In this article, we’ll dig up the main challenges that every business confronts when designing a logo.

We’ll also see how these challenges can be tackled and how businesses can shine on the stage of branding.

1. Following The Similarity Index

Copying other logo designs and distorting them to fit your brand image is the worst crime you’ll ever commit.

The chances of you being labeled as a cheap skate or a copycat are obvious.

Also, if you mimic every other design out there and refuse to let your creativity flourish, you’re no different from the sheep who doesn’t have a mind of its own.

Without noticing the finest nuances of the logo design identity, you cannot enjoy the prospective side of a distinguished entity.

You can see how John Doe Inc. mimics the Real Estate Investment. Quite some trending logos, huh?

Following The Similarity Index
Source: Freepik


Repeat after me: My brand logo is my image and it reflects my individuality (x3)

Revise this ‘logo mantra’ and keep reminding yourself that you have to set yourself apart from others.

Grab some confidence and tell the world that you’re unique like your thumbprint.

I know, breaking the similarity code can be somewhat difficult, but that’s how you’ll be known distinctively, right?

2. Filling Up The Logo With Redundancy

Some new startups are so passionate about their logos that they pour all their passion out on their logo.

They just feel the need to overdo every single detail in the logo.

Due to this irresistible challenge, their brand message suffocates under the heaps of stylish typography and colorful designs.

The lack of clarity usually indicates lack of expression of thoughts and creativity. It sends off a mixed vibe, which does nothing else except confusing your audience.

Believe me, people get irritated when they face something perplexing, especially when it’s a logo they can’t decipher.

Filling Up The Logo With Redundancy
Source: iStock/bgblue


C’mon, you know simplicity rocks everywhere!

Keeping your design clean and simple; it clarifies the message delivered by the logo.

I mean, you don’t have to use as many colors or typographic details, just adapt to the minimalistic approach.

You might want to take your lead from the famous companies who keep it simple, minimalistic, and yet so classy.

3. Being A Trend Faddist

Won’t it be a nightmare if someone mistakes your logo for your rival’s?

It would be the last thing you’d ever want.

And perhaps you’ll keep updated on the latest trends in the industry, including your logo design.

I understand. It could be hard to see everyone keeping up with the latest trend within an industry.

But at a certain point, that trend is followed so much that people wish it dies (think Kylie’s plump lips fashion).

It could happen to you too if you’re too immersed in the mainstream and the trending fad.

See how keeping up with the trend can get you lost, mistaken, or even diminished in the crowd.

Being A Trend Faddist


Like I said before, embrace your individuality.

Leave the crowd alone and find a way that defines your brand more than communicating the wrong message.

Stay true to yourself by considering and viewing the color, shape, font, symbolism, and design flow from a different perspective.

Plus, you can keep your eyes open for the innovative things that inspire you to reach beyond the horizon.

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4. Am I Spending Too Much?

Of all the logo design challenges a startup can confront, the biggest one is the expenditure on logo design.

If you think it’s an easy one, then yeah, it’s as simple as fish walking on land.

There are many brands who start off so well but dwindle in the market due to the lack of attraction in their logo.

The reason might be the logo design for which they didn’t care to expend in.

Some even rely on their own creative skills to customize their logos or hire cheap design artists to design some clumsy logos.

Both cases downplay your logo design and business value.

However, you can see the massive impact a logo can have, whether it be a cheap or a high-end one.

Am I Spending Too Much?
Source: Freepik


Never ever compromise the quality of a logo design.

It’s a significant indicator of your startup and helps shape the public’s perception of your brand.

Unless you’re a professional designer yourself or you have a pro logo making tool, you can hire a professional designer to deliver a logo that alone speaks out for your brand.

You can also share your ideas and incorporate your brand message into the unique logo.

If you think you’re overspending on ‘just a logo design’, just know that your business will be recognized via this logo in the long run.

It’s going to seem difficult at first, but then, you’ll be glad that your overspending on logo did something good for you.

5. Choosing An Inflexible Logo Design

Since logos bridge the gap between your business and your audience, how do you suppose it would do so when it’s no longer flexible?

Many novice businesses choose logo designs that may seem the perfect thing at the moment.

But when technology modifies its pace, such logos can’t keep up and take the business down with them.

You see, it’s their lack of incorporating utility and versatility that keeps them from stepping into the fast lane.

Their design might look good on print media, but how would they be able to cope if their logo falls short of delivering the same expression on digital media?

Inflexible logo designs restrict your chances of growth.

But if you’re reluctant to adapt to the challenge that time offers you, you’ll disappear into the mist of obsolete logos.


Since it’s a professional startup, you must ensure that your professional attitude involves the element called ‘change’.

It should be consistent with the requirement of the market, i.e. it should be flexible, adaptable, and versatile for all sort of formats.

Whether it’s print or digital media, ensure that your logo looks good everywhere and its attractiveness never loses its spark.

Keep experimenting with a design that exceeds your expectations and rewards you for the effort.

Expand the spatiotemporal domains of your logo design and immortalize your brand.

Haven’t had enough? Here’s something to get you started! Read on A LAYMAN’S GUIDE TO GETTING A LOGO: MISTAKES AND CHOICES!

Choosing An Inflexible Logo Design

At Which Part Of The Startup Tale Are You?


Let’s hope all that sinks in.

Now you can clearly see what challenges every business can come across when designing a logo and how they can be effectively confronted.

It’s all so simple because you don’t want your business to get lost in the crowd with a ubiquitous logo.

You also don’t want to end up using an obsolete logo design that keeps stranded against time’s momentum.

Keep in mind that these are the challenges that every business might go through, regardless of the industry it belongs to.

Theoretically speaking, the solutions might seem light and a bit of fluff, but they might offer quite a challenge once you’re practicing them.

Don’t let your logo design die amid your startup tale.

Or you’ll never reach the happily ever after part (just saying!)

Although there are numerous logo design challenges confronting startups, these are the primary ones you should be watching out for.

At which point in your startup tale are you? What challenges have you come across? Let us know!

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