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How Smart Businesses Are Cashing Up on Easter

By Eva Barnes , Apr 14 2017
Businesses Easter 2017

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Holiday season is the best time for small businesses and ecommerce stores to multiply their conversions! According to the National Retail Federation, consumers are expected to spend around $18.4 billion in connection to Easter, which is 6% more than $17.3 billion that was shelled out last year. The average consumer is expected to spend $152 (per person), which is 4% more than the $146 they spent on last Easter.

This is good news for all retailers, however, the rise in startups and small business, has made the cutthroat business industry all the more competitive. As a result of this, smart businesses are taking action! Rigorous campaigns and strategies are being implemented by establishments to ensure an increase in their share of sales.

If you think that Easter spending will be all about buying Easter Eggs, baskets and linings, then you are dead wrong. Just because your business produces some other kind of good or service, doesn’t entail you not being affected by the Easter hype. Whether you run a bakery, an advertising firm, a tech start up or a clothing line, you can still cash up on the holiday season.

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If you as yet, haven’t devised a holiday strategy or campaign for your business, then this is the time to take some elbow grease and begin. However, what can you do on the last minute? Below are the 7 methods businesses are implementing to increase their conversions and sales.

1. Holiday Sales And Offers

Conducting holiday sales and placing various deals and discounts on products is the easiest and most efficient method to attract shoppers. After all, there is no one who doesn’t love getting a good bargain from pricey brand, just look at these stats.

the biggest Easter sales

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In fact, the National Retail Federation also forecasts that this year, the US will observe the biggest Easter sales ever witnessed. Here are some of the ones we are looking forward to the most:

unbelievable Easter Sales

Easter Deals

2. Coupons And Giveaways

Coupons and giveaways, like sales and discounts, are very popular with holiday shoppers; coupons motivate people to shop at your store, while free giveaways entice people to follow a brand’s activities on social media, while simultaneously incorporating brand loyalty in the receivers.

We have put together some coupon codes and offers you can use this Easter, so start noting them down!


3. Easter Elements And Content

Tweak up your website design to boost holiday sales! Adding Easter elements and vivid graphics, revising your content strategy and hiding Easter eggs on your website, is a great way to attract customers and to let them know that you are doing something for Easter (Easter offers events, etc.). Also, letting them know that you celebrate the same holidays, can makes customers relate to the brand, making them see your business as a part of their community. Check out these websites and get ideas on how to decorate your own website!

City Church
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The best website we saw so far was of the City First Church. Their homepage has a video embedded on the top, showcasing all that they are going to do this Easter; and on top of the video is a message or rather an invite for Easter celebrations, along with a button you can click on to get the details. It might not sound so appealing, nor that amazing, but you have to visit the website to check out exactly what we’re talking about.

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Another website that was spot on with its Easter theme execution was Hershey’s. Hershey’s cute and colorful homepage is all about Easter. There is an image slider on top, which is somewhat hard to spot, due to the first image being part of the larger display image on the page. As you scroll down, or if you just click on the mouse placed just blow the rabbit, you will see all the other Easter related content and offers… This is one site you shouldn’t miss!

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There were some other websites also that caught our fancy, with their own unique Easter elements and ideas, which you can take inspiration from; like the Prestonwood website, with their Easter landing page, which will relocate you to their original homepage.

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Or the Sugarfina homepage that only displays Easter related content and products.

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Cookies from Home is one website that went all out with its Easter decoration; not only is their homepage filled with Easter products (FYI they have customizable gift baskets!), but they have also added a whole new ‘Easter’ category to their main menu.

Dean and Deluca
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Withal, there was one website that stood out despite not putting much effort to be more Eastery, it was the Dean and Deluca website. The website had its regular theme with no Easter elements or graphics displayed on it, the only thing linking it to Easter was some of the products displayed on it. However, unlike all other websites that do the same, what made this website stand out was its smart content strategy. All the Easter related content and products were displayed first on the homepage, after which they displayed their regular stuff.

4. Social Media Campaigns

Social media is the most effective way to communicate and to spread the word; majority of the customers and businesses have a social media presence, so if you’re running any new offer, the logical thing to do is to promote it online, and we have stats to prove it!

Social Media Campaigns

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Here are some examples of local businesses that are using social media to profit off Easter:

5. Organizing Events

Organizing bunny hops, egg hunts, bunny meet-and-greets, carnivals, lunches and various other activities, is a great way of bringing people together and promoting your brand. A lot of businesses are taking this opportunity to present their products to a wider target audience. Here are some of events that will be taking place near you!

 Have a look at their invites and draw inspiration about:

  1. The kind of events you can organize,
  2. How you can address the public,
  3. And if possible, check out their social media campaigns to see how you can carry out the promotions.

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Lastly, what you can do further to boost your sales is collaborate with another local business to promote your products or to create something entirely new for Easter. Or you could give customers the option to customize and design their own products like gift baskets and Easter eggs. Happy Easter!

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