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9 Ingredients To Create High Converting Landing Pages

By Eva Barnes , Feb 8 2017

Essentially, there are two types of landing pages; transactional and reference. Transactional pages are there to coax users into making some sort of transaction or to complete specific task; like interacting with something on the page or filling a form, etc. A reference page, however, provides users with some information through text, images, videos, etc. Yet no matter what type of landing page is being created, its main purpose stays the same — to get the visitor to convert.

This purpose is what labels landing pages as the most vital for your site. This page not only generates leads, but also conveys the value of your product and earns the customers’ trust. People sometimes have a hard time understanding how profitable landing pages can be, that is if all the cards are played right.

Now you may ask that how can landing pages do all this; the answer is simple, landing pages have different characteristics as compared to the main site, which you can use to your advantage. On landing pages you can limit the options available to the visitors, indirectly getting them on your chosen path. You basically stir them towards your conversion goal.

But making your landing page efficient enough to positively impact your conversion rate, is by far one of the hardest tasks to understand. Don’t worry, we’ve made it all easy for you so you don’t encounter a web designing pitfall! We’ll help you create what will be the epitome of perfection in landing pages. Just follow our lead…

Landing Page Ingredients

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