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[INFOGRAPHIC] 9 Fierce Facts About Creativity That No One Wants To Discuss

By Eva Barnes , Jan 9 2017

Creativity is a subject that has been the topic for several never-ending debates. There has been a lot of conjecture about how, when and to whom it may strike and how to implement it. Yet, despite it all, it is a quality or skill, that makes some people strut as proudly as a peacocks, while turn others green with envy. According to Adobe, 78% people wish they had more creative ability, making this one of the most sought after traits.

However, it is undeniable that like every other thing present in this world, creativity, also has it’s not so charming aspects. There cannot be ‘yin’ without ‘yang’. But the exquisite fruits of creativity apparently outweigh the realities which are kept hush-hush.

The grass isn’t as greener on the creative side as is often perceived. Creativity isn’t that unique! This though might be a hard pill for some to swallow, but it is certainly great news for the numerous others out there. As much as we would hate to be the buzz kill who takes out the magic from something so beautiful, the truth in this case has to be unveiled, so many great minds out there can polish their creativity and do wonders in the world; digital and real. Know, that creativity is in your reach.

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A global study conducted by Adobe shows, that 75% of people believe that they are not living up to their creative potential, whatever the reasons might be. The facts compiled here will provide those people, as well as the remaining 25%, the push they need. Clearing up all the misconceptions about creativity that are present, starting with the fact that creativity isn’t unattainable. See the rest below.

9 Fierce Facts About Creativity

Illustration: iStock/erhui1979

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