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[INFOGRAPHIC] 8 Web Designing Pitfalls: Why Customers Leave Your Website?

By Eva Barnes , Oct 6 2016
Web Designing

The world of online shopping is going through a stunning transformation. Online shopping experiences have become more complex with the advent of newer technologies and gadgets. On top of this, online shoppers have become more demanding and less tolerant towards poor online customer experiences.

These factors collude to form a perfect storm for ecommerce businesses owners. Most ecommerce websites face problems such as low conversion rates, high bounce rates, and cart abandonment. All these symptoms stem from poor web design choices.

The website is the primary online digital channel that drives sales. Having a poorly designed website drives down conversions, eventually driving down sales. In order to run a successful business, you must fine-tune your website design. To help you identify major mistakes we put together a list of eight major web design pitfalls that make your bounce-rates sky-high.

8 Web Designing Pitfalls

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