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[INFOGRAPHIC] 6 Innovative Jobs In Web Designing!

By Eva Barnes , Sep 26 2016
jobs in web designing

Are you crazy about color?
Picky about pixel size?
Maddened by messy websites?

If you answered yes to any of these, you may just have stumbled upon your perfect career choice. We are talking about the wonderful world of web design!

Studying web design opens up a ton of opportunities. All you need is dedication and creativity through some inspirational design quotes to be a great web designer. A career in web design forces you to think out of the box, it is at times exasperating, a bit surprising, but always rewarding. As web technology evolves, career paths will become more exciting and challenging.

At present, you can follow many different career paths if you want to work in web design. To help you sort through the confusion we have put together a detailed infographic of six web design jobs.

The information includes:

  1. Job description
  2. Required qualifications
  3. Tools you need to master
  4. Deliverables
  5. Average earning in USD per year

Check out our comprehensive career guide!

Jobs In Web Designing

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Eva is a marketing major with a keen interest in web design. She is also an explorer and loves to dig into web trends from mobile apps to visual communication and everything in between. Feel free to send her your web design queries or blog related feedback in the comments below.

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