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Archive for May, 2017

World Internet Usage And Population Statistics

Featured Image: iStock/ra2studio Every few decades, the people get a new addiction, whether it’s crack, fast food or technology. The current addiction that has the world’s population enslaved is the internet or the World Wide ...
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Small Business
By Eva Barnes , May 29 2017

5 Tips To Choose Colors For The Web

Selecting colors for your website is a pivotal part of the web design process. Each and every shade needs to be handpicked to form a kickass palette, which matches the brand image and brings out a ...
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Website Design
By Eva Barnes , May 17 2017

Everything That’s Trending in Landing Page Design

Featured Image: startupstockphotos Spending time and energy on something that is perceived as inconsequential appears to be a waste. One such misunderstood part of a website is the landing page. However, we believe that ...
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Website Design
By Eva Barnes , May 5 2017