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20 Websites Every Feminist Should Bookmark

By Eva Barnes , Mar 7 2017
Celebrate Woman’s Day

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The internet is a medium that allows freedom, which is great, but freedom doesn’t necessarily mean trash talking or harassing people with different ideals. No one can escape cyber bullying or turn a rude person into ash; neither can you reason with such people, so the only way is to ignore it as much as possible.

If you’re a feminist or even a woman, you already know all this as you have to put up with it, day in and day out. On some days, you literally just want to run away, while on others, your patience just hangs by a single thread. You just want to blow up, unleashing a scathing pile of literary. Neither of these however, are an option; your inner feminist won’t allow you to turn away and arguing won’t help.

Our advice, in a situation like this, would be to visit websites that’ll improve your spirits. Coming across good content and interacting with people who share your ideals and struggles, is a good way of letting off steam. Remember, you aren’t alone in this!

For women who have no patience left for:

  • Sexists leaving comments on a girl’s picture, about how her way of dressing basically means that “she’s asking for it”.
  • Men who can’t take a hint, or a clear ‘no’ for that matter, and are now badgering you on Messenger
  • Another tweet about Emma Watson’s Vanity Fair cover.
  • A chauvinist, racist, misogynistic, bigot who discriminates against every living thing and tweets things like “grab them by the p**sy”
  • The glass ceiling in your organization, stopping you from climbing the ladder of success.
  • Guys on the road telling you to smile

Or even if you’re having a really bad day, just check out the list below; to see exactly what and why we handpicked these websites for you:

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1. Bitch Media

It’s a nonprofit independent, feminist media organization that promotes free thought and women’s equality through its online magazine, tons of articles and of course its unique merchandise.

2. Everyday Feminism

Everyday Feminism is a unique educational platform that works to achieve social and personal liberation, and to end gender-based discrimination, hatred, and violence. Also, it aims to eliminate marginalization sparked through intersectional feminism.

Plus they have a killer magazine!

3. Feministing

It is an online community run for and by young feminists (as stated on the website), where everything from politics to pop culture is under the magnifying glass. A razor-sharp feminist analysis is provided of all the topics under scrutiny, along with insight on how to bring about change.

4. The Establishment

With an aesthetically appealing website, this multimedia company funded and run by women, aims at giving everyone a voice.

5. Makers

Makers is a storytelling platform for the avant-garde and radical women of today; to put their experiences and ideas in videos, to create a better future.

It boasts over 400 interviews and more than 4,500 original videos, making it the largest video collection of women’s stories (as said in the tagline).

6. The F-Word

It’s an online magazine focusing on feminism in the modern-day UK, by sharing ideas for liberation and discussing social issues faced by women.

7. Feminist Wednesday

This volunteer-run organization or rather a storytelling community, addresses issues and broaches feminism in their own sweet way – through stories.

8. Brown Girl Magazine

It gives South Asians a digital platform to brazenly express their views, explore their culture and find themselves.

9. Gravel & Gold

Gravel & Gold is an independent female design collective based in San Francisco which helps artists connect and support one another in creative ventures. In their own words, “We share business responsibilities, a studio, and meals, we run workshops, and we take care to express our common values through the work we create”.

we all can do it
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10. Girls United

This site isn’t something extraordinary but we thought you should know about this… It was started by an 11 year old girl who crusades for gender equality. Her site’s tagline is,
“Because girls are more than just cute and cuddly”. (No offense meant to her ideals but this overall is just too cute)

11. Wicked Clothes

This online store offers some badass clothes and accessories every feminist would love. The astonishing part is that no information about the store is available on the site. Maybe they are trying to speak through their work, who knows! What we do know is that you won’t be able to resist leaving the site without making a purchase.

12. Ms. Magazine

Ms. relentlessly pursues women’s issues and covers hard hitting stories such as domestic violence, sexual harassment and abortion laws. It has given women a platform, where they can make their voices heard, establishing themselves as the Mecca of feminist journalism.

It is stated on their site that, “Ms. was the first U.S. magazine to feature prominent American women demanding the repeal of laws that criminalized abortion, the first to explain and advocate for the ERA, to rate presidential candidates on women’s issues, to put domestic violence and sexual harassment on the cover of a women’s magazine, to feature feminist protest of pornography, to commission and feature a national study on date rape, and to blow the whistle on the undue influence of advertising on magazine journalism”.

13. Emily Books

This unique publishing house is like the fairy godmother for lesser known female and LGBT authors. It publishes, publicizes, and promotes the works of transgressive writers (of the past and present) who challenge the conservative and rigid beliefs of society. Unafraid of a challenge, they test the limits of gender distinctions and experiment by blending together memoirs with fiction.

14. Otherwild

Similar to Gravel & Gold, Otherwild is also a kind of collective prompting creativity in art and design. It functions as a community center, workshop, store and event venue for the creative minds of the area. According to them, “Otherwild was founded within, and inspired by a vast, multi-disciplinary community of talented artists and designers”

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15. Geek Feminism

This idiosyncratic blog is the product of an emulsion between geekdom and feminism. It’s somewhat of an eccentric mix, but it works out well like chocolate and chili. Geek Feminism addresses the problems and issues women and gender-queer individuals in the geek world face; whether it be gaming, Sci-Fi fandoms, cosplays, science and tech, comics or more.

16. Feminist Frequency

Feminist Frequency is a non-profit organization working to educate people through videos about media’s impact and relationship with social issues, gender, race, etc. In other words, it presents and analyzes pop culture from a feminist stance.

17. The Mary Sue

It’s a crazy mix between geek culture, pop culture, and feminism. Very like Geek Feminism, this site also aims at bringing gender equality in geek communities.

18. XoJane

It’s a platform for feminists and nonjudgmental individuals. Here, women can express their opinions, explore their individuality, and embrace their life choices brazenly; and learn ways of dealing with day-to-day problems.

19. Adios Barbie

It’s the first feminist site to take on the body image issues. Adios Barbie also deals with other identity crisis such as gender, sexual orientation, race, age and disability. It shows how external factors, habits, beliefs, and people can impact our body image and self-worth. It’s every dyslexic, anorexic, over-weight, depressed, disabled, bullied, and wrongly judged girl’s champion!

20. The Feminist Bride

Unlike most sites, publications, and resources for to-be brides, The Feminist Bride doesn’t only gives tips about what kind of dress to buy, what entrée to select, or whether there should be a band or orchestra or DJ at the reception. A marriage is so much more than what the highly profitable wedding industry makes it out to be.

The Feminist Bride also covers topics about the modern institution of marriage, from a feminist’s perspective, for both brides and grooms (like changing your surname after marriage).

Liked our list? Bookmark these in your browser and enjoy! Oh and if you want, you can listen to these feminist podcasts while you’re at it.

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