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20 Website Font Pairings That Rule/Suck

By Eva Barnes , Sep 20 2016
Website Font Pairings

The right font combination can help you create an aesthetically pleasing highly readable website. Although no standard rules exist for combining fonts, type designers have established some general guidelines. We used these to create 20 font combinations that have maximum readability and comprehension. We also went the opposite way and violated all the rules to show how bad font combinations can affect your website design.

Why Web Font Combos Matter?

You might be wondering why website font combinations matter. Font choice influences the look and feel of your website as well as the readability of your content. The right font combination can help your web content more legible, readable, and comprehensible. Fonts also affect usability and user experience of a website.

Fonts are an important part of visual communication design. Powerful messages can be conveyed by simply altering the physical form of letters. In fact, when it comes to website typography experts consider fonts just as important as images.

Moreover, a visitor won’t stick around if the web copy is written in some elaborate script font that makes them perform optical gymnastics just to recognize simple messages. Make it easier for the customer to comprehend all information and you will see a definite rise in leads.

Colors can help increase the web conversion rate through factors like background color, font color, spacing, etc. but here we focus on font pairings. Check out 20 font pairings that will look amazing on any business website and 20 pairings that you need to avoid no matter what.

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Eva is a marketing major with a keen interest in web design. She is also an explorer and loves to dig into web trends from mobile apps to visual communication and everything in between. Feel free to send her your web design queries or blog related feedback in the comments below.

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