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The 16 Best Website Redesigns Of 2016 In The Tech Sector

By Eva Barnes , Aug 25 2016
Website Redesigns Of 2016

Featured Image: iStock/DrAfter123

Is your business still relying on an outdated out-of-sorts website?

It’s time for a brand new website!

Let’s face it, technology is constantly changing and businesses need to keep up. Part of keeping up (and eventually getting ahead) is to maintain an updated web presence. This is where website redesign strategy comes into play.

Why Go Through The Trouble Of Redesign?

The future belongs to design-centric organizations. The official website is a major component of your marketing strategy and it serves as the online headquarters of your business. As such, it needs to evolve with changing business needs. Maintaining an outdated and static web presence is a major faux pas in today’s world.

how website redesign effects your bottom line

Businesses regularly need to review the desi­gn and functionality of their website. If you discover some issues, see if a quick fix will do otherwise go for a complete revamp.

tracking web redesign success

Inspiration From 16 Website Revamps Of Top Tech Brands

Top technology businesses review their website about once every five years. This might seem too frequent but some industries even recommend a review once every two years. The goal of redesign goes beyond aesthetics. A study conducted by a UK design firm, PRWD, found that 64% of businesses experienced a rise in sales after a website redesign.

Another study by Hubspot shows that in 55% of cases marketing teams were the ones who floated out the redesign idea. All these facts point to one thing, website redesign is inevitable.

Once you have decided to revamp your website, next comes the research phase. However, this can get frustrating if you are running low on inspiration.

How should you reenergize your creativity? Looking at recent website revamps is one source that gives you tons of ideas. Fortunately, there are limitless sources of web design inspiration out there.

We have gathered 16 examples of the best webpage redesigns to help you brainstorm for new ideas. These redesigns are impactful and more usable. Their purpose ranges from visual sprucing to improved usability and everything in between.

Let the inspiration begin!

1. Salesforce

A comparison of the Salesforce Product Page:

Past Version (As on June 23, 2016)
Present Look Salesforce
Present Look

Image Source: Salesforce

The newer version has done away with the clunky icons for cleaner text-based icons. The look is more focused and simpler. The header has been retained so it doesn’t shock regular visitors. The translucent blue rectangle was breaking up the screen, we are glad it’s been banished.

2. Microsoft

A comparison of Microsoft’s About Us page:

Past Version (As on March 30, 2016)
Present Look Microsoft
Present Look

Image Source: Microsoft

The redesign keeps to the original spirit of the page, both in terms of content and design. The newer version creates more of a visual impact. The image choice is amazing; the picture looks stunning and speaks volumes about the business philosophy of the company. The headline placement brings the core mission into sharp focus. In our opinion, the previous version was a dull wall of text, the current one is a ways ahead.

3. Twilio

A before and after comparison of the Twilio Homepage:

Past Version (May 24, 2016)
Present Look Twilio
Present Look

Image Source: Twilio

The app building software Twilio recently redesigned the homepage of their website. It was quite a change in the aesthetics. The red background with its busy geometric design has been replaced. The current page features a muted dull photograph, which provides a great contrast to the red CTA (Call to Action) button. Another change is the addition of logos of major programming languages/development frameworks that can be used to interact with the Twilio API (Application Programming interface). Developers can simply click on the logo and access the relevant coding libraries.

4. Qualtrics

A before and after comparison of the Qualtrics Support Page.

Past Version (As on Nov. 3, 2015)
Present Look Qualtrics
Present Look

Image Source: Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a research platform that offers insights into consumer markets and human resources. Their website is built on the WordPress platform and has been redesigned recently. This change is a part of the overall revamping of the Qualtrics platform. We used the official Support Page as an example of great redesign.

The old design was bulky and not very user-friendly. Not to mention, finding relevant information was quite a chore. The new version has opted for a flat look with neat clean lines. The icons are illustrative without overshadowing the menu. The color palette has been reduced to a very basic set and white space is ample. The menu has been given a logical and intuitive structure.

5. Infusionsoft

A before and after comparison of the Infusionsoft homepage

Past Version (As on Feb 16, 2016)
Present Look Infusionsoft
Present Look

Image Source: Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is a software company providing sales and marketing automation solutions to businesses. The changes made to the company homepage have produced a simplified and elegant version. The page is free of distractions because the image carousel has been removed. The old header was a relatively bright lime green keeping with the brand colors. However, it gave a busy effect because of the contrasting CTA button. The placement of the elements was unorganized, but is now significantly improved.

6. Mailjet

A before and after comparison of Mailjet’s Developers Page

Past Version (As on Feb. 28, 2016)
Present Look Mailjet
Present Look

Image Source: Mailjet

Mailjet provides email services to businesses, and the platform can handle both marketing and transaction emails. Their API lets customers develop customized applications. The old Developers Page was dull and drab; some of the fonts blended into the background, and the icons weren’t exactly brightening up the page. It did have some good points, but needed a better layout.

The newer one is interactive, fresh, and shows the Mailjet API code editor. The constellations in the background are animated and move slowly across the background. You will notice that the gradient effect works well with the black theme of the code editor. An added benefit of the screenshot is that the compatible programming languages are quite clearly displayed. Background colors have become softer and pleasing to the eye. Webpage copy has been made more descriptive. We see a major improvement across the board.

7. SugarCRM

A before and after comparison of a SugarCRM Landing Page

Past Version (As on March 21, 2016)
Present Look SugarCRM
Present Look

Image Source: SugarCRM

SugarCRM is the company behind the popular SugarCRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. They were named a Visionary in an industry-wide study conducted by the technology research firm, Garner Inc. As a result, they created a landing page, which offered a free version of the complete Gartner Report.

This is a great example of how tweaking a few page elements can produce an entirely different look-and-feel. The first version looks a bit like an under-construction design. There is no harmony between the fonts and colors, and seems to have been created in a hurry for something so important. The newer version makes great use of color, font, and has better form placement. With the plain background no longer acting as a visual block, the visitor can focus on the text and then immediately move on to the eye-catching red CTA.

8. 3D Hubs

A before and after comparison of the 3D Hubs homepage

3D Hubs
Past Version (As on Dec. 22, 2015)
Present Look 3D Hubs
Present Look

Image Source: 3DHubs

3D Hubs is an online platform that connects people who own 3D printers with people who want affordable 3D printing services. The site has grown quite a bit since its launch so they launched a new homepage.

The current one looks professional and more polished. The customer ratings serve as social proof and are prominently displayed. This is something which customers usually check when evaluating such platforms. Displaying the number of successful projects is a trust-building technique that 3D Hub has incorporated in the redesign. What you can’t see here is the video background, which works surprisingly well. None of the shots overpowers the CTA button or any of the white text.

9. Equidate

A before and after comparison of the Equidate homepage

Past Version (As on June 17, 2016)
Present Look Equidate
Present Look

Image Source: Equidate

Equidate is an investment firm specializing in pre-IPO investments in technology companies. The company went for a rebranding of their official website. Here we take a close look at the homepage redesign. The company refined their logo, switching from the old awkward one to a neater design. At first glance, the logo simply looks like the letter ‘E’, but on closer inspection doubles as a trend graph of the stock market. The color palette is primarily green, which is seen as a color representing vitality and trust. The new page is responsive and works great on smaller screens. Given the industries it serves, Equidate has created a simple but effective design.

10. Kissmetrics

A before and after comparison of the Kissmetric’s homepage

Past Version (As on Feb. 1, 2016)
Present Look Kissmetrics
Present Look

Image Source: Kissmetric’s

Kissmetrics is an online customer analytics platform; it tracks and analyzes how customers interact with websites and mobile apps. Their new homepage isn’t much of a departure in terms of the color palette, but the layout and graphics have been altered. The overall visual flow is much better and the eye moves automatically to the list of features. The old version required users to scroll down to see the full set of Kissmetrics features; this version concisely lists all the relevant information.

11. Adobe

A before and after comparison of the Adobe homepage

Past Version (As on May 22, 2016)
Present Look Adobe
Present Look

Image Source: Adobe

Adobe regularly alters this page to reflect their current marketing campaigns and/or new product launches. The change happens about monthly, it is likely that by the time you read this, the page will look drastically different from the image above.

The basic layout has remained pretty much the same across the two designs. The past version is not bad in any way. Nevertheless, the current one fits better with their promotion of Creative Cloud. The CTA is placed in the center of the page and contrasts nicely with the rest of the page. The colors in the image could use a little alteration because the background overpowers the Creative Cloud logo.

12. Exploride

Past Version (As on Nov. 3, 2015)
Present Look Exploride
Present Look

Image Source: Exploride

Exploride is a crowd-funded invention that acts as an augmented reality device for cars. The product is quite impressive but that’s not our focus, let’s talk about the website redesign. The past homepage has a few issues with spacing between page copy and font sizes. The elements are too close; maybe the designer intended to draw focus to the CTA. The current design keeps to the structural trends and looks more organized. The image clearly communicates what the product does, this is extremely important if you are selling innovative products. The typical red YouTube logo has also been replaced with a more transparent and generic icon, this works best with the product image because it highlights the main benefit touted by the makers—a transparent screen for distraction-free driving.

13. Quirky: The Invention Platform

Quirky The Invention Platform
Past Version (As on Jan 2, 2016)
Present Look Quirky The Invention Platform
Present Look

Image Source: Quirky

Quirky is a collaborative invention platform. The brand wants to appeal to innovative people, and their website design is a crucial part of creating that image. The old version of their homepage hits the mark when it comes to quirky design but doesn’t seem to have much of a universal appeal. The main thing we would have changed is the grunge-y dark background, the font, and the icons. Quirky redid their design and we are glad to see the blackboard-like image disappear. The newer design is brighter, simpler, and appealing. The copy is precise and informative. The overhaul of the layout has resulted in a more focused presentation of every design and textual element.

14. Airstoc

A before and after comparison of Airstoc’s homepage.

Past Version (As on March 3, 2016)
Present Look Airstoc
Present Look

Image Source: Airstoc’s

The new design is a definite improvement in terms of usability and UX. The old version lacked a clear CTA, didn’t have the proper color palette, and there wasn’t a clear description of what services the website offered. The redesigned version seems to have hit the mark right in terms of design and usability. The addition of the search bar gives the user an immediate way to interact with the site. As a site aimed at connecting people who need drone videos to licensed drone pilots.

15. Mimeo

A before and after comparison of Mimeo’s Blog

Past Version (As on December 24, 2015)
Present Look Mimeo
Present Look

Image Source: Mimeo’s

Mimeo is a print solutions provider; their clients belong to varied industries including technology, finance, healthcare, retail, and education. As a result, they have the difficult task of maintaining a company blog that can appeal to lots of different professionals. They have been doing this quite well but their recent re-vamp of their official blog design is a great improvement. Switching to a three-column layout has given more space to display featured posts. The grid layout obviously means that the image selection has to be carefully planned. In this regard, Mimeo has managed to hit the nail on the head. The old design had the outdated look of a free generic WordPress theme; fortunately, the new one is more symmetrically balanced.

16. Breather

A before and after comparison of the Breather homepage

Past Version (As on Dec 11, 2015)
Present Look Breather
Present Look

Image Source: Breather

Dubbed the Airbnb for work, this website had a serious issue with usability; it lacked a clear message for the visitor. Looking at the homepage you would be left wondering what the site is about. This is common with initial web design of startups. Breather addressed every problem we could find in the old version. The images in the image carousel clearly communicate what services the site offers, the clean solid font overlaying the images is easy to understand. Users interested in the service would immediately wonder about available spaces in their locality. They can use the conveniently located search bar to find available spaces.

Website redesign is not an easy task; we would say it’s almost as much work as getting a brand new website, in fact, more, because you also have to balance expectations of frequent visitors. The only thing worse than an outdated website is a website that isn’t useful for visitors.

If you are considering a website redesign, we suggest you make thorough plans. Most businesses are under the illusion that “new” equals “better”, this is a common misconception among clients. Furthermore, redesign doesn’t mean a visual overhauling, it includes goals such as generating more leads and attracting more visitors.

About The Author

Eva is a marketing major with a keen interest in web design. She is also an explorer and loves to dig into web trends from mobile apps to visual communication and everything in between. Feel free to send her your web design queries or blog related feedback in the comments below.

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