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Tweeting The Mother Love: 15 Web Designer Moms On Twitter

By Eva Barnes , May 11 2018
Web Designer Moms

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Moms are like those trees that provide shelter to their children. They stand proud no matter how strong the wind howls and how bad the storm of circumstances tries to pull them down. They stand resistant to every misfortune that comes their way. Growth and protection are every mother’s virtue and that’s why they’re entitled to be the greatest caregivers.

Speaking of virtues, mothers can cultivate the greatest possibilities that can seem just close to impossible. From cleaning the house to designing web interfaces, moms can do anything. However, back to mothers being trees, did you hear someone tweeting? No? Listen closely. There’s a social media bird that’s going to spread the word. Yep, that’s Twitter. As a tribute this coming Mother’s Day, our post would sing about the tales of 15 web designer mothers on twitter who are taking the heat and are still growing underneath it.

Let’s do it.

1. Eileen Allen

Eileen Allen
Follow: @eileenallen

Eileen Allen is a mother, who’s also the VP strategist at a well-known web designing and developing firm aka Atlantic bt. From what her profile says, she is a lively person who wants to cherish every moment in life. She’s also a businesswoman, a prolific writer, an avid admirer of art and music, and a Gators die-hard fan. And yes, she loves tweeting about parenting as well.

2. Randa Clay

Randa Clay
Follow: @randaclay

Randa Clay is a web design expert who caters to custom logo designs, print design and production, web design and layout, and custom website and blog design. Plus, she has an experience of more than 16 years in the digital marketing and strategy field. As a mother and a tightwad parent, she helps other parents like her to provide resources for kids – all free of cost.

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3. Alison Harrison

Alison Harrison
Follow: @pixielation

When crazy, creative, and genius are found in one place, it’s called Alison Harrison. She’s a zealous Aussie mom who has over 20 years of experience in web design, user experience, print design, logo and brand development, site planning and the list keeps on going. She loves writing about her life in her blogs and has a book in progress. If you ever get a chance, just reading her will make you happy and she’s good at that.

4. Carelle

Follow: @Carelle

Carelle is a full-of-life artsy-craftsy mom who is also a web developer, visual communication designer, and an illustrator. Besides her tech-centered profession, she’s an artist, a writer, a photojournalist, an altruist by nature, and a video aficionado. Bet Carelle hasn’t left any stone unturned in pursuing her passions!

5. Robin Cornett

Robin Cornett
Follow: @robincornett

Being a mom of three children isn’t an easy job. After her children grew up a little, Robin decided to take a chance on photography business and as she did, she stumbled upon website designing and eventually discovered WordPress. It was then and there that her journey began and she learned to design websites and decided to keep going. Now, she’s a successful web developer who loves her job and her family.

6. Shivika Asthana

Shivika Asthana
Follow: @shivasthana

Moms like Shivika Asthana never grow old. She’s a rock star (not to mention her younger days as a drummer and the lead vocalist of a band) and an avid web developer, a UX designer, and a zingy extrovert. If you don’t find her coding, you can find her busy on her sewing machine or making jewelry; she’s all the bee’s knees in the web world!

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7. Barbara Tate

Barbara Tate
Follow: @babatate

The mom above was a rock star, but this one is a superstar. As a widow, Barbara Tate has remained loyal to her duties as a web designer, school sysadmin and manager, and – last but not the least – a mother. She’s also a fun thing who enjoys delving into her hedonistic knitting, quizzing, and her love for bunny rabbits!

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8. Emma Mayall

Emma Mayall
Follow: @emmamayall

As a strong advocate of feminism, Emma is an aspiring web designer who lives in Australia with her husband and a daughter. The life of this country girl is a constant struggle. How do we know? Her blog tells it all! She lives in the desert locality where she reads and posts regular updates on what is going on in her life.

9. Taryn Smith

Taryn Smith
Follow: @keepingursanity

This web designer mom is more into keeping her sanity insanely sane. Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Taryn is a happy-go-lucky mom who’s into everything digital and travel-related. She’s got an upper hand in web design, even though she’s a psychology major. Her romantic chemistry revolves around art, blogging, gourmet food, travel, and photography. So what has Taryn has in store for people? She loves to make people laugh by sharing her experiences and passions on her website. She’s got nerves of steel and is ready to rumble web design with her incredible abilities.

10. Ginny Pennekamp

Ginny Pennekamp
Follow: @ginnybx1

Ginny Brewer Pennekamp is a curious creative and a passion-driven iOS developer with more than 10 years of experience in the field. She’s had her shares of pressure, stern deadlines, tough projects, but she’s a passionate young mother who loves to learn about new tech in trend. You’ll get a vibe of strong determination and commitment if you ever come across her webpage.

11. Susie Richards

Susie Richards
Follow: @BZSusie

Is it us or is every designer mom has a thing for art and creativity? It must be in the genes of mothers like Susie who aren’t only developers but also are writers and music devotees. Susie is also a religious mother and a modern web designer. Bringing Susie in the spotlight reminds us how wonderfully she carries her work and personal life.

12. Lourdes Cueva Chacón

Lourdes Cueva Chacón
Follow: @cuevacha

Did you ever hear of the Ph.D. who kept running after her five-year-old? No? Lourdes Cueva Chacón is one such web designer, photographer, multimedia instructor, and a full-time lecturer. No wonder how this mom finds time for her work and home life. However, Lourdes’s high-spiritedness has never let her down and that’s why she keeps on going.

13. Ali Schubert

Ali Schubert
Follow: @AliSchubert

She’s a good wife, a fantastic mother, an aspiring cardio-lover, a yogi, an exuberant web designer, and an addict of political affairs. Currently, she works as a digital marketing specialist in a winery and is a principal at Lunabean Media. This makes us wonder: where do these web designer moms get the fuel for their passion? Their families, of course!

14. Cassie Witt

Cassie Witt
Follow: @CassieWitt

Cassie Witt is a social media junkie who has been using social media since 2008. She used to manage social media accounts for a corporate firm. After learning and assessing her social media efforts, she started freelancing and later came up with a company of her own. Now she rolls as a web designer, WordPress developer, and a digital marketer. It’s also unbelievable to notice that she does all that even after becoming a mother!

15. Mary Adkins

Mary Adkins
Follow: @maryadkins

Mary resides in Oklahoma with her family that is based on a husband and 4 kids. Believe it or not, this mother has bonded her personal life ties with her tech profession as a web developer and graphic designer. Nonetheless, you should better stay put because this mum’s also a ninja. Plus, she’s a musician too. All in all, she’s a dark horse who knows no bounds.

Let Thy Mother Eat Cake

Growing under the shelter of motherhood never makes us realize what’s out there until we’re grown enough to step out of it. Her tender, loving, and caressing nature pampers the warmth in our hearts and seeds the unconditional love we yearn for.

The mothers discussed in this article represent all the others who weren’t mentioned. They are the silver lining in the clouds for every mother who’s on the verge of losing hope. Let’s remember all the moms acrossthe globe and pledge our allegiance to their love and nourishment.

So, this mother’s day, let your mom relax and let her eat cake. Happy Momma’s Day!

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