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Big Talent Hunt: 10 Foolproof Strategies For Small Businesses On The Rise

By Eva Barnes , Apr 25 2018
Talent Hunt

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There’s a fine line between a small business and a big one. A variety of differences, such as the success factor, services, product availability, brand representation and perception, business reputation, yata yata yata and so on, linger within this thin line. However, what makes the small businesses jump on the other end of the rope and join the giants and the sharks? It’s their strategic advances that create the successive and prospective buzz.

But one may wonder, How come small businesses compete in line with the conglomerates? It’s true that small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) have limited approach to resources than the big market sharks; small businesses can still manage to square root their potential skills and their hires. In case you’re thinking:

Small businesses

Getting on top of the world may not be the easiest catch for SMBs, as big businesses are always attracting crème de la crème – all due to their popular brand image. Small businesses can, however, attract potential talent using advanced strategies that are guaranteed to work. If you’re an aspiring man of affairs running a small organization, then this is the right place for you!

So, let the strategies begin!

Talent Strategies For SMBs

#1 Partnering With Other Businesses

Almost every small business starts off the market journey as a lone ranger. But that doesn’t stop it from evolving and incorporating new elements – and even businesses – along its way. Considering a helping hand might not seem a good place to start, but mutual collaboration can be a success harbinger for both the partners. When big brands (Disney and Pixar) can come together and introduce a new dimension in the film industry, what makes you think you can’t do too?

You can collaborate with local businesses around. Look for similar aims, objectives, and prospects. Developing a mutual relationship will boost your marketing campaign as well as your partner’s. With that, you will automatically gain more resources and can start initiatives, such as talent hunt and job fairs, and gain more audience in turn.

#2 Hiring Employees With Similar Passions

When you’re looking for talent, always look out for people who share your interests and passions. You can do so by posting a job description that clearly outlines and highlights your company’s interests, objectives, motives, goals, desires, and passions. You need to get the right message out there, so the right individuals come forward and join you.

For example, if you’re looking for a tech-savvy who can run and optimize your web design for online gaming zone, you can spread the word everywhere that you have a vacancy for dedicated tech and gaming enthusiast. When you and your employees share the same passions, you can both achieve your goals in a successive direction.

#3 Making Them Feel Special

You know that you’re opting for something big and the expectations coming from the big talent will be overarching. That is why you need to meet them halfway before they can. Think about why the big talent will accept your offer instead of enjoying the big brand leverage. You need to research what the talent wants and needs and show your potential by approaching them in a strategic way.

Once your tactics become a good use for you, you can show your new hires what they mean to you. Make them realize the efforts you’ve put into reaching them and how meaningfully can they contribute to your small business. If you make them feel their value, they might want to quit their high-end jobs for the love and appreciation they will be getting from you.

#4 Speaking The Language Of Diversity

When considering working in an organization, most employees look for a diverse company culture. It’s often the idea that diversity helps reduce cultural barriers and promotes tolerance among people belonging to different backgrounds. For example, women look for workplaces where women rights are appreciated. If your small business welcomes diversity and considers it a fostering potential, your talent hunt might just go the right way.

Make sure your target hires are people who reflect and respond to your culture-envisaging vision and appreciate your diversified approach.

#5 Making A Compelling Business Case

Large corporates are big and have bigger connections. They’re more involved into bureaucracies deep down and are connected on a bigger level. But don’t feel small even if you’re a small business. If your business is small, you’ll have a closer chance to interact with your crew and lay the foundation of a significant and unique business case.

Talented people are looking for jobs that offer them a homely experience, a place where they can find others taking care of their needs. You need to assure your potential new hires that your company is able to take care of their needs and understands them. It compels them to become a part of the venture that will sustain its gains in the moving times.

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#6 Networking and Referrals Work Well

If you feel like stuck in the rut with the recruitment issue, there’s no shame in admitting that. If your current employees refer someone who is good at what they do, then you’re in luck. Networking and referrals can pave your way to find skilled candidates who are willing to work with you.

Plus, you can leave all the hassle related to the advertisement, in-depth research, and countless interview sessions once your old employee refers a gem to you. Incumbents coming in via referrals are much more reliable than hiring a John/Jane Doe.

#7 Providing Flexible Working Hours

Since more people have been drawing towards working from home, this trend is gradually picking up speed in the mainstream lane. The concrete block of 9-5 hour job is being chewed away by flexibility and that’s why small businesses are the heretical job creators. Having a small business running with unusual business hours is a way that keeps adding chunks of success and productivity into your downright approach.

And how convenient it is to find that millennials are the largest working generation, who actually support a flexible outlook towards life. The untraditional working hours and arrangements keep the millennial talent happy. And when they’ll be happy, you’ll be happy!

#8 Offering Exciting Incentives

Of all the secret ingredients for a success recipe, businesses offering incentives, perks, and bonuses always remain on the top of their game. This old-school trick never loses its charm and works well, whether it be school-going children or talented new hires.

Apart from providing flexible working hours, you can reward your employees for better performance, hold outdoor meetings, create a mini cinema for showing inspirational documentaries, provide the employees with a game room, and give them a music lounge, where they can forget about the job burning them out. These are just a few examples if you’d want to practice them. You can also approach your employees and ask about the leeway they’d prefer.

#9 Immortalizing The Business Strengths

When you’re laying the foundations of your business, you need to make sure that your business can take the heat as the time progresses. Small businesses love to play human than the corporate robots and that part decides their success factor. Moreover, a small business can adapt to changes faster than the corporate snails that take so many processes to get just one job done. This way, the new and talented hire can get a chance to work closely with the business owners.

What’s more important is your strategy to focus on your goals than your wishes. Think about what you can offer to your existing employees, new hires, and clients.

#10 Creating A Sense Of Meaning

Last but not the least; this is something crucial for your millennial employees. They are always looking for meaning beyond whatever they come across and that counts in their work and relationships as well. They are always trying to know that their contribution means something when they’re putting effort into it.

For that reason alone, you need to keep it simple, sophisticated, human, and truthful. When you showcase your transparency, talented people are attracted like swarms of bees and would love to work with you.

Gearing Up For Destination Top Talent

After all the foolproof methods to sway the small business competition, the bottom line is that time offers numerous opportunities to gear the top talent your way. The more a business understands the values and brand messages, the more are its chances to root its strengths and minimize its weaknesses.

It’s ok if you’re staggering; it’s all a part of the process. Embrace the challenge, endure it, and make the talent crave your small business.

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