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Designing For Diversity: How To Position Your Web Content For A Multicultural Audience

What happens when you see a piping hot, mouth-watering succulent steak? There could be two possibilities. Either you’ll try to devour it as soon as possible or you’ll be highly offended because consuming animal meat is considered a taboo in your religion. Whatever the ...
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Website Design
By Eva Barnes , May 23 2018
Web Designer Moms

Tweeting The Mother Love: 15 Web Designer Moms On Twitter

Moms are like those trees that provide shelter to their children. They stand proud no matter how strong the wind howls and how bad the storm of circumstances tries to pull them down. They stand resistant to every misfortune that comes their way. Growth and protection are every ...
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By Eva Barnes , May 11 2018
Talent Hunt

Big Talent Hunt: 10 Foolproof Strategies For Small Businesses On The Rise

There’s a fine line between a small business and a big one. A variety of differences, such as the success factor, services, product availability, brand representation and perception, business reputation, yata yata yata and so on, linger within this thin line. However, what makes the small ...
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Small Business
By Eva Barnes , Apr 25 2018
Most SMBs Fail

Why Most Small Businesses Fail?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of those folks who are tired of their boring and stagnant 9-5 minimum wage office duties and have ideas that are just dying to be marketed for the world to see. There is an eager entrepreneur hidden deep ...
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By Eva Barnes , Apr 17 2018
Challenges In Logo Design

Welcoming Challenges In Logo Design – The Tale Of Every Startup

Every business and startup has an untold story beyond what you see. Business startups come across a variety of challenges that might not seem pleasing like the general hardwired concept. The struggle is real and every business has to strive for survival. So, what determines the success once you pass ...
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Logo Design
By Eva Barnes , Apr 10 2018

Branding Now Made Easy: A Complete Guide to UtterWeb’s Website Building Process

A brand is a company’s identity and branding is its alter ego. A brand defines, compacts, and solidifies the foundation of a company’s products, services, and its decisions in the long run. Your brand is your most prized asset because that’s how your customers recognize you. Once you make ...
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Web Builder
By Eva Barnes , Apr 3 2018
Happy Easter

Easter Egg-Stravaganza: 3 Inspiring Social Media Campaign Ideas To Pump Up Your Sales

Why did the hen cross the road? To get to the other side? No. To prepare her social media marketing campaign for Easter. Yeah, that’s right! With Easter just around the corner, the bunnies are starting to hop and the eggs are about to be cracked. You might want to brace ...
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By Eva Barnes , Mar 29 2018
Marketing on Instagram

Not Marketing On Instagram? Check Out Every Reason Your Brand Should Be

Brands fell in love with Instagram since the day they met and got along well with each other. That’s when the sparks of marketing began to fly. Almost everyone noticed marketing growing up and developing, but no one ever realized that it’s going to get ...
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Small Business
By Eva Barnes , Mar 21 2018
web design optimization

Why Optimization Is Necessary For Every Web Design?

From a shoelace to a piece of land, everything can be bought on the internet. Not only do people intend to buy something, but also search for a variety of information. This is where your website steps in. Of all the 1,890 words encapsulated in the first Google search ...
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Website Design
By Eva Barnes , Mar 15 2018
storytelling web design

How Storytelling Makes Web Design Compelling

Storytelling has been one of the most powerful elements that companies can incorporate into their marketing campaign. This element entices your target audience at an emotional level in which they can genuinely relate with the products and services that you advertise. It is storytelling ...
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Website Design
By Eva Barnes , Mar 5 2018
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